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Diamond E series

The production name “E” means “Eternal”. Diamond E with the newest technology functions not only has excellent quality like Diamond but also will provide you with miracle aural enjoyment.


IMM Intelligent Multi-core Microprocessor platform

Intelligent Multi-core Microprocessor system is a technological breakthrough of microchip processing system for hearing aid with synchronous processing multi-signal instruction and immediate processing capability over 6 times than the single core processing system, which won’t only guarantee the more clear, natural and fluent high-fidelity linguistic information, but also bring you unprecedented hearing definition as well as excellent high-resolution audio analysis in noisy environment.


Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)

WDRC, with a low threshold of activation, designed to distribute signals between a listener’s hearing threshold and discomfort in a manner that matches loudness growth. It provides more amplification for slight sound, while less amplification for loud sound.


Adaptive Directional Microphone (ADM)

The automatic Adaptive Directional Microphone (ADM) algorithm automatically reduces the level of sound sources that originate from behind or to the side of the hearing aid wearer without affecting sounds from the front. The algorithm can also gather input from the acoustic environment and automatically select whether directionality is needed or not, translating into additional current savings. Whether you are in noisy or quiet places, ADM will automatically determine the best pattern to offer you optimum comfort, such as Omidirection, bidirectional, cardiod, or hyper−cardiod.


Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

The Adaptive Feedback Cancellation function (AFC) reduces acoustic feedback by forming an estimate of the hearing aid feedback signal and then subtracting this estimate from the hearing aid input. The forward path of the hearing aid is not affected. Unlike adaptive notch filter approaches, AFC does not reduce the hearing aid’s gain. It provides 23dB added stable gain to enable user comfort. As with previous products, the feedback canceller provides completely automatic operation.

Adaptive Noise Reduction

The noise reduction algorithm is built upon a high resolution 128−band filter bank enabling precise removal of noise. The algorithm monitors the signal and noise activities in these bands, and imposes a carefully calculated attenuation gain independently in each of the 128 bands. The Noise Reduction algorithm efficiently removes a wide variety of types of noise, while retaining natural speech quality and level. The level of noise reduction is configurable to 10 dB of reduction.

Super Quiet

Super Quiet provides users an amazing tranquility and comfort in quiet places. The squelch region within each channel implements a low level noise reduction scheme.

In−Situ Datalogging

Diamond E has a dataloging function that record information every 4s to 60 minutes (programmable) about the state of the hearing aid and its environment to non−volatile memory. This information is recorded over time and can be downloaded for analysis.

The following parameters are sampled:

• Battery level

• Volume control setting

• Program memory selection

• Environment

• Ambient sound level

• Length of time the hearing aid was powered on


  • IMM Intelligent Multi-core Microprocessor platform
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)
  • 6 Channels& 8 Bands
  • 2 Memories
  • Adaptive Directional Microphone (ADM)
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction(10 dB)
  • Super-quiet Function
  • In−Situ Datalogging
  • Adjustment for High & Low Frequency
  • Memory Switch & Low Battery Indicator
  • MPO Control
  • Power-on Delay
  • Available in: ITE, HSE, ITC, CIC, Instantfit OE



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