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Tips for dealing with Tinnitus


Tips for dealing with Tinnitus

A 'cure' for tinnitus is yet to be developed, and many report that it may appear and disappear in relation to other underlying conditions. Relief from tinnitus is not an exact science, but here are the three most popular tips that have helped some of our clients in the past. We hope they’re of use to you, too.

1. Relax

Easy to say and not so simple to do, there is evidence that stress and high levels of anxiety can worsen, or even bring on, symptoms of tinnitus. A tinnitus counsellor will be able to offer more in-depth advice on this method, but a more relaxed lifestyle has certainly helped some of our clients relieve the symptoms of tinnitus.

2. Counselling

While tinnitus might not be ‘curable’, don’t discount the benefits of seeking help from a suitably qualified hearing therapist. The British Tinnitus Association will be able to recommend individuals in your area.
3. Sound therapy

The use of sound therapy to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus is becoming more and more popular, and depending on the individual, it can be implemented in several different ways. Essentially, it works by giving you something else to listen to, and in the process distracting you from the noise of the tinnitus. Amplification can help, and your local Hearing Aid Dispenser will be able to judge whether you have any degree of hearing loss, and recommend an appropriate course of action.

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