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Open fit hearing aids are fast becoming more popular. Open fit hearing aids are very small and nearly invisible on the ear. Essentially, open fit hearing aids are small BTE units that sit up on top of and behind the ear. There is no earmold needed - a clear thin tube with a dome tip delivers the sound from the hearing aid to the open ear canal. Open fit digital hearing aids are also lightweight - many users find that after a few minutes of wearing them, they cannot feel them at all.


The biggest benefit to open fit digital hearing aids is that they minimize occlusion. Open ear hearing aids are ideal for those who have normal and mild loss of low frequency hearing but who are experiencing problems with high frequencies - which usually occurs with early hearing loss. They are also easier to fit because they are not custom made, unlike many in the ear hearing aids. Although they utilize the latest technology, open ear hearing aids should not cost much more than standard hearing aids and may even cost the same.


Because of their size, open fit hearing aids use smaller batteries and will have a shorter battery life than other devices.

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