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  • Hearing Loss Triples Risk of Falling: Study


    MONDAY, Feb. 27 (HealthDay News) — Hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of falling, according to a new study. Johns Hopkins researchers analyzed data from more than 2,000 people ages 40 to 69 who took part in the U. ...

  • Losing your hearing means you could lose your footing: Study shows mild hearing loss triples risk of having a fall


    The risk of falling rises threefold even with the mildest hearing loss, according to a study. For moderate deafness, the chance of an accident doubles again – probably because such people have a poorer sense of their surroundings ...

  • US begins stem cell trial for hearing loss


    US researchers have begun a groundbreaking trial to test the potential of umbilical cord blood transplants, a kind of stem cell therapy, to treat and possibly reverse hearing loss in infants. ...

  • Get help with hearing loss


    SALISBURY MP John Glen is urging constituents who wear NHS hearing aids to get essential follow-up support at local drop-in sessions run by Action on Hearing Loss’s pioneering Hear to Help project. Mr Glen visited a drop-in sess ...

  • Internet Therapy Helps Individuals with Tinnitus


    Tinnitus is a disabling condition that causes an individual to perceive sounds that are not present. Over 10% of the population suffers with this condition, with nearly 2% of the entire population struggling with tinnitus in the extremely ...

  • Personal Health: Lifelines for People With Hearing Loss


    Hearing loss, a disability currently untreated in about 85 percent of those affected, may be the nation’s most damaging and costly sensory handicap. It is a hidden disability, often not obvious to others or even to those who have it ...

  • Scientists discover deafness gene


    London - Scientists have found a single gene they believe could hold the key to age-related deafness.   Researchers found that when the FGF20 gene was removed from mice, the animals appeared perfectly healthy, but c ...

  • Health: Celebs own up to hearing loss to raise awareness


    Anne Diamond and a string of celebrities have recorded video messages of support for the charity Action on Hearing Loss. In her message, Anne Diamond admits for the first time she’s deaf in one ear. She says: ‘I have some ...

  • Beethoven's hearing loss may have shaped musical style


    British Medical Journal research analyzes composer's use of high notesLudwig van Beethoven’s hearing loss may have profoundly influenced the style of his music throughout his career, a study shows. New research in the Britis ...

  • UNC procedure gives veteran hearing back


    Chapel Hill, N.C. — It's an amazing era for many people who suffer from hearing loss. Thanks to ever-improving technology and the use of cochlear implants, devices surgically implanted into the inner ear, people once consign ...

  • Popular toys could damage hearing of children


    Washington: Some popular toys produce noise equal to that of a chain saw or rumble of a subway train and could damage hearing of children, reveals a study.  Otolaryngology (dealing with the ear, nose and throat) researchers from ...

  • More teens experience hearing loss


    There are a growing number of teens experiencing hearing loss due to excessively loud music played through ear buds and headphones. Michael Andreozzi, President of Beltone New England , joined The Rhode Show with important information ...

  • Making sense in a hearing world


    Twenty-five years after New Zealand's first cochlear implant, many deaf people are still torn over whether to welcome this miracle invention or grieve over the loss of their supportive - and exclusive - sign-language community. Th ...

  • Do you hear me?


    Hearing loss, whether we lose it suddenly or gradually over time, can leave you feeling alone and isolated from family, friends and from everyone and everything around you. It is a huge safety concern, not being able to hear sirens from y ...

  • Lend an ear to them as they try to be heard


    As part of the International Day for people with a disability, Rajan Speech and Hearing is taking the opportunity to provide guidelines for better hearing and talking to ensure someone with a hearing impairment doesn’t miss a moment ...

  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss


    Ten million Americans have permanent, irreversible hearing loss from exposure to loud noise or sound. In addition, 30 million people are estimated to be exposed to injurious levels of noise each day. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is t ...

  • What is Newborn Hearing Screening?


    Newborns can be easily and cost-effectively screened for hearing impairment. Many states mandate that hospitals screen all children before they are discharged from the newborn nursery or within the first 3 months of life. In the past, the ...

  • Hearing loss sufferers take ACC to Human Rights Commission


    New Zealanders suffering from hearing loss have taken the first step towards changing an ACC threshold that they say is discriminatory and a breach of human rights. Under current ACC thresholds a person must have a hearing loss of at ...

  • When a Newborn Doesn't Pass the Hearing Screening?


    Each year, approximately 12,000 babies are born with hearing loss in the United States. If hearing loss is discovered during the “critical period” for children to develop their speech and language skills—from birth to th ...

  • Why is it important to have my baby's hearing screened early?


    The most important time for a child to learn language is in the first 3 years of life. In fact, children begin learning speech and language in the first 6 months of life. Research suggests that children with hearing loss who get help earl ...

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