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  • Speech Testing


    Types of Tests: The audiologist will also conduct tests of listening and speech. These results are also recorded on the audiogram. One test that the audiologist conducts during a hearing test is the speech reception threshold (SR ...

  • Pure-Tone Testing


    A pure-tone air conduction hearing test determines the faintest tones a person can hear at selected pitches (frequencies), from low to high. During this test, earphones are worn so that information can be obtained for each ear. Someti ...

  • Early diagnosis vital for kids with hearing loss


    KUALA LUMPUR: Babies with totally impaired hearing have a good chance of speaking and attending a normal school if their hearing loss is diagnosed early. However, Hospital Kuala Lumpur ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr Iskandar Hailani ...

  • Hearing loss spreads to vocal nerves


    How quickly and - and deeply - can deafness penetrate the brain? For a study on this, researchers at Duke University Medical Center turned to male zebra finches. Songbirds differ from most animals in that males' mating songs fall ...

  • How to cope with your child's hearing loss


    According to WebMD, two out of every 1,000 children have some sort of hearing loss upon birth. Hearing loss can either be congenital hearing loss that a child is born with, or it can be acquired later on in childhood. If it is cong ...

  • Dynamic Real Ear to Coupler Differences


    The real-ear-to-coupler-difference (RECD) is the sound pressure level (SPL) difference between the 2 cc coupler as used in hearing aid specifications and measurements and the actual measurement obtained within a specific ear canal. In gen ...

  • Real Ear to Coupler Difference Comparing Left to Right Ears


    Of course, measured real-ear values are always preferred and are more accurate than estimated real-ear values. However, sometimes measuring the actual real-ear value is very difficult, sometimes it is very time consuming and some may argu ...

  • Hearing loss can hit at any age


    Hearing loss can strike people of any age. In fact, research shows that eight out of every 100 people with hearing loss are under the age of 18. Forty-six-year-old Guy McIlroy, from Johannesburg, was born with almost no hearing at all ...

  • Study links hearing loss to secondhand smoke


    Do you smoke or live with someone who does? Are there kids around? We're not asking because we plan on using some R-rated language. But we sure felt like it after seeing a new study showing yet another danger of secondhand smoke: It d ...

  • Advances in technology help people with hearing loss


    The basics of hearing treatment technology have been around for some time. Long gone are the days when people with hearing loss had to decide between hearing less or wearing clunky, uncomfortable equipment that required constant fiddling. ...

  • Testing detects hearing loss in babies


    AT just a few days old a simple hearing test for newborn Kailanah Brent could help set his path through school, work and beyond. Paediatric specialists say a hearing test, such as those administered to Kailanah and other youngsters in t ...

  • How Music May Help Ward Off Hearing Loss As We Age


    Older people often have difficulty understanding conversation in a crowd. Like everything else, our hearing deteriorates as we age. There are physiological reasons for this decline: We lose tiny hair cells that pave the way for sound ...

  • Your MP3 Player and Hearing Loss


    Nothing helps ease your morning commute more than listening to some music on your iPod, or maybe the latest news podcast so you’ll be up-to-date with what's going on in the world before you get to ...

  • Hearing Loss Causes Dementia


    Hearing loss affects one in every ten Americans, but many don’t take it seriously and many don’t use hearing aids. But now hear this--a study by otologists, the ear experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital, found that hearing loss ma ...

  • Preserving the Deaf Culture vs. Living in a Hearing World


    As technology becomes available to possibly enable more deaf to 'hear' via cochlear implants and specialized hearing aids, this discussion will likely continue to evolve.  There are 2 very good sides to this argument.  B ...

  • Hearing loss increasingly common in young adults


    Students may have to trade in their ear buds for hearing aids. A new study found evidence of hearing loss in “normal-hearing” college students. Today’s generation use cell phones, iPods and have surround-sound system ...

  • How to prevent hearing loss?


    CUMBERLAND — Ear infections are the reason that most children wind up in audiologist Jana Brown’s office — not surprising, since 85 percent of all children experience at least one ear infection in their lifetime, accordi ...

  • Secondhand smoke and hearing loss


    Most teens whose hearing has been damaged by exposure to second-hand smoke don't even realize it.  Despite years of graphic anti-smoking campaigns and public smoking bans, people continue to light up — especially at hom ...

  • College Hearing Loss


    Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a condition that occurs when the ear is exposed to excessive levels of noise. When we hear, tiny sensory hair cells in the cochlea pick up sound vibrations, convert them into electrical signals and sen ...

  • From T In The Park to hearing aids: The health risks of festivals


    How often have you accused a loved one of having selective hearing? Perhaps it’s more apparent when you ask them to take out the rubbish. But what if it wasn’t a sly tactic to get out of doing household chores? What if they re ...

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