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How to cope with your child's hearing loss


According to WebMD, two out of every 1,000 children have some sort of hearing loss upon birth. Hearing loss can either be congenital hearing loss that a child is born with, or it can be acquired later on in childhood.

If it is congenital hearing loss, most often it is a result of a genetic problem, or problems during prenatal or childbirth phases. WebMD states that more than half off all hearing problems are genetic. Premature birth or diabetes in the mother can also cause hearing loss for infants.

When a child acquires a hearing problem that they did not have at birth, many times it is due to an illness or condition. Meningitis, measles, chicken pox or influenza can all cause hearing problems. Extremely loud noises or certain medications can even cause hearing loss, WebMD says.

Indicators of hearing loss in children include not responding to voices, not reacting to loud noises and making small noises that taper off towards the end. If you have any reason to believe that your child may have hearing loss, it’s important to immediately consult with a doctor, WebMD advises.

When treating childhood hearing loss, there is a variety of treatments that can be used. The simplest one is waiting. Oftentimes the condition clears up on its own. Medication can also be used in an attempt to get rid a hearing problem. If the problem continues, hearing aids, implants or ear tubes are used to try to improve, the child’s hearing.

If your child does in fact have hearing loss, WebMD explains that it’s extremely important to stay in touch with your child. All too often children feel detached from the world due to their hearing loss. Early intervention and technology available today help parents stay in touch with their hearing impaired child.

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