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If you have noticed that you, or a member of your family, are experiencing hearing loss, there are several different experts who can offer you help and support.

We have made a list of experts with a brief description of their work in order to help you find the expert who is right for you.


Ear, Nose and Throat DoctorENT specialist

ENT specialists diagnose and treat problems related to the ears, nose and throat. In most cases, the ENT specialist will diagnose hearing loss. In some regions, they are known as ENT surgeons or other common professional titles. Your primary care physician will be happy to give you the information you need.



An audiologist is a healthcare expert who focuses on all aspects of audiology, i.e. the science of hearing. An audiologist offers services in connection with preventing hearing loss, evaluation and rehabilitation, selection and fitting of hearing aids and other related issues such as communication or balance problems. The science of hearing loss in children is a separate field and this service is usually provided by specialist paediatric audiologists.


Speech Therapist

The speech therapist works with the theoretical and practical issues of the prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of speech problems. In healthcare, this field is called logopaedics, focussing on people with limited interpersonal communication abilities.


The support of a psychologist can be helpful under certain circumstances: He or she will support you or your family member in examining human behaviour or dealing with extraordinary stress. Psychologists may specialize in certain areas, e.g. school or training.


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