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Speech, Language and Listening Development (6-12 months)


The following is a rough guide to listening and language  development. It is designed to provide you with information as well as practical tips to help your child’s development. Please be aware that children develop at different rates depending on factors such as their hearing level and temperament. The most important focus should be that your child is making progress, rather than which stage he or she is at. If you have any concerns, please contact your hearing care  professional for further advice.

Hearing and Listening

ƒ Recognizes familiar sounds (e.g. your voice, door bell, telephone).

ƒ Recognizes 35-50 words (e.g. “no”, “milk”, “diaper”).

ƒ Recognizes simple commands (“Go bye bye”, “All gone”, “Where’s daddy?”).

ƒ Associates sounds with objects.

How can you help develop your child’s hearing and listening?

Point out sounds in the environment (e.g. car honking, doorbell ringing, phone ringing).

Match your vocalizations to a toy’s movements to show: Long vs. short: push a car a long distance saying “ahhhh”; a short distance say “ah”. Fast vs. slow: push a car fast saying “brmm, brmm, brmm” (fast); slow saying “brmm….brmm…brmm” (slowly).  Soft vs. loud: with a baby do ll, say “shhhh” while baby is sleeping; say “wake up” when baby is waking up.  Make animal sounds while playing with stuffed or plastic animals. Your child may imitate the sounds.  Play Peek-a-Boo.

Speech and Language Development

 Babbles (“ba ba”, “la la”, “da da”),coos, cries for needs. May have some first words at 12 Months.

How can you help develop your child’s speech and language?

Talk to your child during your everyday activities (e.g. while you are dressing him/her, changi ng diapers, preparing meals, eating and playing).Imitate the sounds your child makes while you hold, snuggle and talk. Label everyday items (e.g. “here’s your blanket”, “get your ball”).  Read simple books to your child, labeling and talking about the pictures.

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