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  • Ear Wax


    The outer foundation of the ear canal is cartilage covered with skin that contains hair and glands that secrete cerumen or earwax (a yellow or brown substance). Together the hair and earwax help prevent "invaders" such as insect ...

  • Further evidence of link between hearing loss and depression


    According to a presentation at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd annual convention in Toronto, Canada untreated hearing loss leads to depression and other cognitive disorders. The presentation highlighted results of sev ...

  • Causes of Hearing Loss


    More than 30 million Americans of all ages suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss can develop at any time. It can develop very suddenly, or simply happen gradually over time.  Many people do not even realize hearing loss if affecting ...

  • How We Hear


    Sound is collected by the pinna, and then travels through the ear canal. The sound strikes the eardrum and causes it to vibrate. The vibrating eardrum causes the bones (ossicles) to vibrate and mechanically conducts the sound through the ...

  • How To Tell If Your Child’s Hearing is Normal


    About Child’s Hearing Many children under the age of 18 have some hearing loss including four out of every thousand newborns. Hearing loss can increase the risk of speech and language developmental delays. So, every parent ...

  • Do you know the warning signs of hearing loss


    Hearing loss is the most common sensory impairment in adults over the age of 65, affecting more than 30% of Canadians in this age group. 1 in 10 Canadians has a hearing loss. Common causes of hearing loss include the aging process ...

  • Digital Hearing Aids Current State-of-the-Art


    by Todd A. Ricketts There has been explosion in the number of digital hearing aids on the market in the last five years. At last count, there are 22 manufacturers with digital hearing aids marketed under 40 different model names. Manu ...

  • Choosing a Communication Approach


    Choosing a Communication Approach Selecting a Communications Approach Questions to Ask of Your Family Questions to Ask Professionals Whom to Meet With Additional Considerations Selecting a Communicati ...

  • Hearing Aid Options


    Hearing Aid Options ·  Directional Microphones. These microphones provide improved ability to pickup sound based on direction — in front, back, or beside you for example. This technology improves your ability to ...

  • Hearing Screening


    Newborns and Infants Today, most hospitals screen babies’ hearing shortly after they are born. Failing the hearing screening does not necessarily mean that the baby has a hearing loss. Not all babies pass the hearing screening t ...

  • Early Intervention


    Early intervention refers to educational and/or therapy programs designed for children ages birth to 3 and their families.  The earlier a child receives services to address the effects of hearing loss, the more time there is to influ ...

  • Early Identification


    Parents often feel alone and overwhelmed when their child is first diagnosed with hearing loss. You will be asked to make decisions about hearing technology, what method your child will use to communicate and what kind of learning program ...

  • Choose the Right Hearing Aid for You


    At times, we may seem inundated with the number of available choices available to us in the hearing aid market. You may ask yourself, “Which hearing aid is best for me?” In this article, learn what to consider when choosing a ...

  • 9 Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids for the First Time


    Our hearing aids offer both fit convenience and aesthetically pleasing appearance once put on the ear as they become nearly invisible to the naked eye. Tip #1: Start in a quiet room at home first to get used to the new sound quality. ...

  • My Child Has a Hearing Loss


    Parents often feel alone and overwhelmed when their child is first diagnosed with hearing loss. You will be asked to make decisions about hearing technology, what method your child will use to communicate and what kind of learning program ...

  • Why Do Hearing Aids Cost More Than Laptops


    In 1952, the Sonotone 1010 hearing aid hit the market. Priced at $229.50, the device stood out as exceptional. It was the first consumer product to rely on a transistor, which Bell Labs had invented a few years earlier. The transistor pro ...

  • Who Should be Screened for Hearing Loss


    People of any age can be screened for hearing loss. Newborn infants are now routinely screened before leaving the hospital. Most preschoolers and school-age children are screened periodically at their schools or in their doctors' offi ...

  • Encourage Musical Journeys


    by Wendy Cheng People with hearing loss are fully capable of learning and playing music. With the right support, students with hearing loss should be able to learn to play an instrument well and be able to play with others. Based on m ...

  • Benefits of Early Intervention


    It is important to always know that as parents, you are entitled to select the communication approach(es) you want to use with your child so he or she can develop language. The decision making process and the implementation of the chosen ...

  • Binaural Processing


    There is a reason we have two ears. In people with typical hearing, the ears work together to better understand speech in noisy environments as well as to determine the direction from which a sound originates. For instance, we can tell th ...

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