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  • Effects of Hearing Loss on Development


      It is well recognized that hearing is critical to speech and language development, communication, and learning. Children with listening difficulties due to hearing loss or auditory processing problems continue to be an und ...

  • Configuration of Hearing Loss


      The configuration, or shape, of the hearing loss refers to the degree and pattern of hearing loss across frequencies (tones), as illustrated in a graph called an audiogram. For example, a hearing loss that only affects the ...

  • Creating a Grand Language Adventure


    Creating a Grand Language Adventure   by Wendelyn DeMoss, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT Summer can be a highly anticipated time for families. Routines change with the end of the school year and plans are made fo ...

  • Giving Your Child Access to Sound: Next Steps for Parents


    Giving Your Child Access to Sound: Next Steps for Parents   by Melody Felzien and Judy Harrison, M.A.   As a parent of an infant with a newly diagnosed hearing loss, the decisions to be made can seem overwhelm ...

  • How to Check Hearing Aids


    How to Check Hearing Aids   How do I check the hearing aids?   STEP 1: Look at the hearing aids and earmolds and note any: Broken or cracked areas Blockage of openings Build-up of moisture ...

  • Who should do the listening check?


    Why is a hearing aid listening check needed? A child learning language needs the hearing aids to consistently provide a clear sound that is loud enough for him or her to hear speech. Hearing aids can malfunction for a variety of reaso ...



    HOW TO TELL IF HEARING LOSS IS SNEAKING UP ON YOU   Hearing loss is rarely sudden or total, unless you are exposed to an exceptionally loud noise. It’s usually gradual – sometimes so gradual that your family and f ...

  • What should I do with hearing loss?


    Hearing problems are serious. The most important thing you can do if you think you have a hearing problem is to go see a hearing healthcare professional. Your primary doctor may refer you to an otolaryngologist, a doctor who specializes i ...

  • Understanding hearing loss


    Understanding hearing loss Many people suffer from hearing loss. In fact, the latest available statistics show that over 10% of the U.S. population report difficulty hearing! That's over 31.5 million people! And as the Baby Boomer ...

  • Do I Need Hearing Aids?


    Many first-time hearing aid wearers have asked themselves this very question. If you’re not sure whether you need hearing aids, the first step is to have your hearing checked by an audiologist, hearing aid dispenser, or ear doct ...

  • In the hear and now


    There is a simple remedy for rectifying hearing loss among young children, and thanks to a national program many are getting the help they need. Liu Zhihua reports. Hearing loss can go unnoticed in children and many parents do not ...

  • The Causes of Hearing Loss


      Congenital Hearing Loss Congenital hearing loss is any hearing loss that is present at birth. The cause can be genetic and hereditary, caused by issues during pregnancy or caused from an issue during the birthing process.&n ...

  • Hearing loss and deafness increasing amongst children


    Recent statistics show the world is louder and more dangerous for children's hearing.  It has long been thought that noise-induced hearing loss is a problem for adults, not children. However, research by US Centres for Diseas ...

  • Is there anything to do to lessen intensity of the tinnitus?


    It is important to realize that the hearing system is one of the most delicate and sensitive mechanisms in the body. Since it is a part of the general nervous system, it is sensitive, to some degree, by anything that affects the overall ...

  • Common Questions About Hearing


    Does "deaf" mean hear nothing ? "Deaf" means hearing loss in different types and level. Few people hear nothing. We can use "hearing loss"and "hearing difficultly"to replace "deaf". ...

  • Tips for dealing with Tinnitus


    Tips for dealing with Tinnitus A 'cure' for tinnitus is yet to be developed, and many report that it may appear and disappear in relation to other underlying conditions. Relief from tinnitus is not an exact science, but here a ...

  • Steps to Obtaining Hearing Aids


    Obtaining hearing aids involves several appointments described below. Step 1: Audiologic evaluation (hearing test) The first step is to have your hearing evaluated. An audiologist, a professional who specializes in evaluating and ...

  • Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Hearing


    How loud is too loud? Prolonged exposure to sounds above 85 decibels (dB) may cause permanent hearing loss. Normal conversation is measured at a moderate noise level of 50-70 dB. A motorcycle or lawn mower is 85-90 dB. The extreme noise ...

  • Hearing Loss Diagnosis: Do Not Wait


    Why Early Diagnosis is Important When infants with hearing loss receive timely and appropriate diagnostic and intervention services, they have positive speech, language and listening outcomes. Ideally, the newborn screening is complet ...

  • Pain relievers increase hearing loss risk


    Headache? Back pain? At the first sign of pain, you might reach for a pain-relieving medicine to sooth your bodily woes. Analgesics are the most frequently employed medications in the United States and are commonly used to treat a variety ...

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