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"JOY", Globally Synchronously Launched


Joy will be put on market throughout of the world on 10thJuly, 2012

 “Joy” is a cost-effective fully digital hearing aid, newly launched by Austar, which committed to those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Joy has instantfit CIC

appearance、open-fitting、adaptive feedback cancellation、high performance adaptive layered noise reduction and digital circuit to ensure comfort and clarity of listening and the satisfaction of those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Open fit Innovation, More comfortable.

Joy adopts the innovative technology of open fit, to decrease the low frequency, while increase the high frequency, and enhance the clarity of speech. The configuration of open ear plugs significantly reduces the occlusion, which provides those with hearing loss less than 60dB with excellent listening comfort.

Adaptive feedback cancellation, more joyful listening

The greatest feature of the open-ear is ventilation, while ensures the comfort of wearing and clarity of timbre, it brings along the annoying whistle. With the advanced anti-phase feedback cancellation technology, Joy can rapidly eliminate feedback from 1.3KHz to 6.7KHz, and provide ASG of 17~22dB, which is more beneficial for open-fitting.

High performance adaptive layered noise reduction, more crystal timbre.

The hearing impaired with mild to moderate hearing loss concern about not only the clarity of hearing aids, but also the listening comfort. The excellent three-layer (speech, environment, recovery layer) noise reduction function can intelligently reduce the noise among different environments, easily solves the interruption of noise, and provides patients with clearer listening environments and greater listening comfort.

 Easier fitting, more convenient

No need for ear impressions any more. Fits your needs sooner. Meanwhile, The instantfit CIC solves the problem of ear friction and swell. With On-site fitting, patients can experience the effect of Completely-in-canal hearing aids right away, and take them away immediately once satisfied.

 CIC Bionics design, more invisible.

Communication is everywhere. With the application of CIC appearance, Joy has penetrate more bionics design concept, to hide the hearing aids fully into the canal, while maintaining the perfect fidelity of sound, it is hard to be detected. You can enjoy listening arbitrarily and unlimitedly.

 JOY also Has the following excellent functions: Fully digital, Manually control、6 channel 12 bands、Auto volume control, Wide Dynamic Range Compression、super quiet、4 memories for volume switching、internal microphone noise reduction、low battery consumption、indicator for memory switching 、indicator for low battery。

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