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What are Bluetooth hearing aids?


Yes, many of today's advanced digital hearing aids are BluetoothTM or wireless compatible, meaning they are able to connect wirelessly to various Bluetooth enabled devices and other audio devices such as cell phones, PDAs and computers. Each hearing aid manufacturer offers different wireless solutions for their hearing aids, but most often solutions consist of the hearing aid wearer wearing a streaming device to "stream" audio output from an audio device (such as your cell phone) directly to your hearing aids.

   Most hearing aids with wireless capabilities are able to connect to landline phones, cell phones, TVs and MP3 players with a simple push a button on a streaming device. These streaming devices essentially turn your hearing aids into a hands free headset, allowing you to hear output from other audio devices through both of your hearing aids at the same time.

  Some of the benefits of purchasing hearing aids with wireless capabilities include:

  • Ability to hear audio devices with both ears for optimal listening on landline phone, cellphone and TV
  • Ability to switch between TV, landline phone and cell phone with a simple push of a button
  • Streaming device most often can be used as a remote control for your hearing aids as well
  • Stay connected to the devices that matter most in your busy life

Once example of a wireless hearing aids solution is the ConnectLineTM system by Oticon. The ConnectLineTM, which is compatible with a wide range of Oticon hearing aids, consists of a streamer to connect with Bluetooth enabled devices as well as the TV and landline phone. For the TV and landline phone, extra adaptors are required.

For more information on BluetoothTM hearing aids and wireless hearing aid solutions, discuss with your hearing professional.

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