Hearing Aid

Cadenza C51 USB Charger Deep Ear Canal Hearing Aids

  • 2 Channels
  • 4 Bands
  • 6dB Noise Reduction

  • Description
  • Features
  • Maintenance
  • Adaptation
This device you choose is the the new series hearing aids, rechargeable digital C51 Hearing aids. First class components from Europe and America,strict production control and accurate test ensure the excellence quality of each hearing aid.
USB Charger CIC style Hearing Aid
Fitting Range (<=80dB)
Includes no whistle closed three ear domes: CCL/CCM/CCS
Samll trimmer for volume control
Button for volume and program adjustment, so that users can adjust volume power and change programs freely.
Panel: Beige, Brown
Shell: Beige, Black
Ear Domes List:
It can be sold at super markets, pharmacy shops, online shops and hearing clinics etc.
How To Mainten Austar Rechargeable inside ear hearing aid?
Earwax will accumulate in the ear canal and receiver orifice of ear dome when hearing aid is in use. Large accumulation of earwax may affect the sound quality of hearing aid,so please regularly clean your ear canal and hearing aids ear dome.
Clean your hearing aid with a dry soft cloth.

Use a small brush and a soft dry cloth to clean the earwax in the hearing aid sound hole.
Try to perform all cleaning above a soft cloth or towel on a desk or table to keep the hearing aids from being damaged when falling down.
Never use any liquid like water to clean it since they may lead to permanent damage to the circuitry.
No-Wax Guard should be changed when the hearing aid is blocked.
Hearing aids reproduce an abundance of sounds which frequently haven’t been experienced for many years. Every person reacts differently the first time he or she wears hearing aids. The familiarization phase therefore differs from person to person. Below is a adaptation plan for first time users or those using new hearing aids.
a)The first stage
1 to 2 hours wearing per day, you are suggested to wear in a relatively quiet environment to familiarize and distinguish various sounds.
b)The second stage
4 to 8 hours wearing per day, you may wear your hearing aids and walk in a relatively quiet environment to listen around.
c)The third stage
You may wear hearing aids and go to public areas. You may have dialogue with your friends or even strangers.
d)The fourth stage
You may prepare for travelling to another city, go to supermarket, restaurant, participate in music concert or watch video. You can do whatever you like! Then you may find many enjoyments in life with clear hearing again.
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