Hearing Aid

Cadenza C55 USB Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids

  • 6 Channels
  • 12 Bands
  • 12dB Noise Reduction

  • Description
  • Features
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • How To wear
The C55 is a USB Charger 6 channels hearing aid. Using healthy medical resin material with 3 sizes of medical silicone rubber ear domes. You can choose VC or push button to control volume and change programs. It use rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery 312A, with  Suitable for mild-to-moderate user with conduction, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss.
Rechargeable CIC style.
Fitting Range (<=80dB)
There are no whistle and closed tips to choose from each in 3 sizes
Samll trimmer for volume control
Panel: Beige, Brown
Shell: Beige, Black
Invisible design of deep ear canal
Humanization low battery indicator
USB Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aids Maintenance and Repair:
Earwax will accumulate in the ear canal and receiver orifice of ear dome when hearing aid is in use.Large accumulation of earwax may affect the sound quality of hearing aid,so please regularly clean your ear canal and hearing aids ear dome.
Clean your hearing aid with a dry soft cloth.
USB Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aids Maintenance
Use a small brush and a soft dry cloth to clean the earwax in the hearing aid sound hole.
Try to perform all cleaning above a soft cloth or towel on a desk or table to keep the hearing aids from being damaged when falling down.
Never use any liquid like water to clean it since they may lead to permanent damage to the circuitry.

No-Wax Guard should be changed when the hearing aid is blocked.

USB Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aids Cleaning

One. How Can I Charge C55 Hearing Aids?
Please connect the USB cable with rechargeable box (Output Power:DC 5V±5%,Output Currency≧200mA).
Open rechargeable box and put hearing aid inside.
Red light is ON while hearing aid is charging; Red light is OFF after fully charged. When the hearing aid is charging, the hearing aid stops working.After fully charged and moved out, hearing aid can start working. Kindly remark that recharge cable should be pulled out after charged.
Rechargeable Time: 6 hours for one time.
Two. How To Power On/Off USB Charge CIC Hearing Aid?
When user will use hearing aid,user can get the hearing aid out of rechargeable box,and then hearing aid starts working.When user put the hearing aid inside of rechargeable box,hearing aid stops working. There is no switch on hearing aid to control ON and OFF.
Three. Replacing the C55 hearing aid Ear Dome
Disassembly:Pinch the ear dome with hand to separate the tube from the connector.
Assembly:Select the appropriate size of ear dome; hold the ear dome and put it into the connector correctly.
Correctly assembled:Check until the bottom of ear dome reaches the bottom of the connector or ear dome will not drop off when slightly pulling it.
Tips: Kindly recommend to choose M size ear dome at the first time. If ear dome is small, that will make hearing aid whistle when you wear it in the ear canal.Please choose bigger size ear dome, when hearing aid is whistle.
Kindly suggest that you can put hearing aid volume lower before you wear it into ear canal, that will avoid hearing aid whistle in the ear canal.
If ear dome is too big, you can not wear it, please choose smaller size.
Four. How To Wear Austar USB Charger CIC Hearing Aid?
Hold your hearing aids with your thumb and forefinger and the pull wire is at below. Use tip of your forefinger to softly push the hearing aids into your ear until it feels comfortably in your canal. Use another hand to pull the outer ear backwards and upwards, making it easier to wear the hearing aid. Use the forefinger to move up and down gently, and the mouth open/close for several times to check if the user wear well.
Five. Steps For Removing Rechargeable Inside Ear Hearing Aid:
Pinch the wire with your thumb and forefinger and gently pull it out of the ear canal.
1.Let the mouth open and close while picking out the hearing aid, and use another hand to gently pull the ear back, which makes it easier to remove the hearing aid.
2.It is the best to wear and remove the hearing aid on soft surface such as a sofa or bed.
Six. How To Use Volume Control (Optional)
The left and right ears are not distinguished. The clockwise rotation is gradually increased and the counterclockwise is gradually decreased.
Seven. How To Use Button Control (Optional)
● The application method of button with the ordinary program switch: By pressing the program switch, program can be switched circularly among different programs. Every press is for one program switch. When pick the hearing aid out of the rechargeable box and the power is on, the hearing aid will automatically go to “Program 1”.
For those which have the program memory feature, hearing aids can automatically go to  the previous program after turn back on.
● The application method of button with three in all function:
Short press(1 second):Cycle to change the volume: the volume drops 3dB by every press the button. When it is dropped to the lowest volume, press the button again, the volume will reach the maximum value of the setting range。
Long press(2 seconds):Cycle to switch program: Press and hold for 2 seconds to hear different program mode.
If hearing aids have program memory function, the memory time is 10 minutes, that is, continuous wear for 10 minutes or more, then it is turned off. It will return to the same setting when turned back on.
Extra-long press (5 seconds):Press the program button for 5 seconds to enter the sleep mode, and the hearing aid saves power in standby mode;Press the program button again for 5 seconds to release the sleep mode and wake up the hearing aid to working status.
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