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Cadenza C59 Non programmable Hearing Aid With Rechargeable Batteries

  • 10 Channels
  • 12 Bands
  • 18dB Noise Reduction

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  • Precautions
The Cadenza C59 Hearing Aid With Rechargeable Batteries is a 10 channels, programmable, in-the-ear hearing aid. Offers 3 different size of closed ear domes to make you feel comfortable, clear and no whistle. It is a one-size-fits-all type that doesn't require individual ear impressions. You can choose Push Button or VC to adjust volume and program. 
Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
Ten sound processing channels
Three silicon ear domes (CCL/CCM/CCS) to ensure a comfortable fit
Use rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery 312A
Four colors are available:
Panel: Beige, Brown
Shell: Beige, Black
Humanization low battery indicator
Intelligent Noise Reduction 
High DSP signal processing
Feedback Cancellation
Precautions For Cadenza C59 Hearing Aids:
Any form of moisture is harmful for hearing aid, moisture-proof can extend the life of the hearing aid. Avoid using or storing in humid environment.
Avoid hearing aid contacting with water. Remove the hearing aid when you are swimming, taking a shower, washing your hair or your face. If hearing aid accidentally falls into the water, do not use dryer to dry it.You can dry it with a soft,clean cotton cloth and put it in a ventilated environment.
If a failure occurs, please contact with your local audiologist or contact with the staff from customer service center.
c)Anti-high temperature
Avoid high temperatures or long exposure to sunlight.
Do not drop your hearing aids or knock them against hard surfaces.
Do not wear your hearing aids during X-ray, MR scans, CT scans, short-wave diathermy, or similar radiation treatments.
Should correctly and gently use volume control and program switch.
When will not use hearing aid for a long time, should make the hearing aid at shutdown state.
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