Hearing Aid

Cadenza E41 Rechargeable 18dB Noise Reduction Non-pogrammable RIC Hearing Aids

  • 10 Channels
  • 12 Bands
  • 18dB Noise Reduction

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  • How To Wear
  • Hearing Aid Warranty
This E41 provides a USB Charger, quality sound at an affordable price. You do not worried about the cost of purchasing batteries. VC control and Program Switch function. Intelligent noise reduction and intelligent feedback cancellation function make USB Charging RIC hearing aid with clarity sound. It use rechargeable lithium battery, with VC for volume control and switch for ON/OFF.
Pearl Gray

Ear Dome:
Fitting Range <=80dB

10 channels
DSP Chip
Feedback cancellation
Wearing Comfortable
Intelligent Noise Redction
Multi-funtion button for VC,
Program switch and power On/Off
Open-fit ear domes and closed ear domes
Regular micro USB cable can be used to charge the hearing aid
a)How To Charge Cadenza E Hearing Aid?
Charging the hearing aid by using the power adapter (output voltage: DC 5V±5%, current output ≧ 200mA) via USB cable

While charging, the indicator light shows red.
After fully charged, the indicator light is off;
When insert USB cable for charging, the hearing aids switch to power off status. After pull out USB cable, the hearing aids turn back to working status.
Fully charged time is about 6 hours.
b)Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aid Power On/Off
Power on: Push button down to start working. It will be a signal sound come out.
Power off: Push button up, hearing aid stop working.
c)Wearing Hearing Aid
Accessories installation:
1.1 Choose the proper earplug, put the earplug into tube connector.

The steps of wearing USB Charge RIC hearing aid:
2.1 Pinch the earplug gently with the index finger and thumb, aligned with the direction of the ear canal and smoothly rotating the earplug into the ear canal.
2.2 Use the other hand to pull back the auricle and then move the earplug forward and backward to place the earplug in an appropriate position so as to fit it in the ear canal.

2.3 Placing the hearing aid behind the ear, close to the head and comfortably hang on the auricle.

d)Removing Hearing Aid
Take off the hearing aid behind the ear.
Use the index finger and thumb to softly pull the earplug forward or backward to loose the earplug, and take out of the earplug. Then take down the BTE hearing aid and ear mold or earplug together.
e)Volume Control/Program Switch

Volume Control:
Push “+” to increase the volume and push “-” to reduce the volume.
Adjust to maximum or minimum, the volume cannot be increased or decrease.
There are two hint sounds in the process of volume adjustment.
There is only a hint sound when the volume is adjusted to the limitation.
This device has the volume memory function: When hearing aid is in a certain volume level and continuously works for 10 minutes or more, then it is turned off. It will return to the same volume setting when turned back on.
Program Switch:
Push “+” or “-” more than 2 seconds, switch to programs control. User can push “+” or “-” to select the programs.
This hearing aid have the program memory feature: When hearing aid is in a certain program mode and continuously works for 10 minutes or more, then it is turned off. It will return to the same program setting when turned back on.
Cadenza E Hearing Aid Warranty:
a)Range for Free Warranty
For any devices, failures caused by non-human factors will enjoy free warranty from the date of purchase.
b)Warranty Period
Please check the warranty period on the warranty card.
c)Exception from Free Warranty
The damage caused by incorrect use or improper operation.
Disassemble, assemble parts and other human caused damage.
The damage caused by irresistible reason (floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.)
Change the hearing aid model, serial number on the warranty card without authorization.
No warranty card
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