Hearing Aid

Cadenza R1 Light BTE OE Hearing Aid Fitting Range 65dB

  • 4 Channel
  • 8 Band
  • 6dB Noise Reduction

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  • Features
  • Application
  • Maintenance
This is Cadenza R1 Light BTE OE Hearing Aid Fitting Range 65dB, tiny in size but digital DSP chip with intellignt noise reduction, clear sound and comfortable to wear. Digital DSP chip with different indicator for low power, program switch, ON/OFF. R hearing aid with intelligent volume record and program record function will record volume and program after hearing aid keep working more than 10 minutes. Auto get in the recorded program in the next time.

Full Frequency Noise Reduction function keep hearing comfortably and clarity, no noise and whistle. When user press push button by 1s, volume power changed. When user press push button more than 2s, pogram switch auto. When user press push button more than 5 seconds, hearing aid standby. Medical material and Open-fit make hear clarity and feel comfortably.
Fitting Range (<=65dB)
Medical material
Non-programmable and behind the ear OE style
Battery: Zinc-Air battery 312A
It can be sold at super markets, pharmacy shops, online shops and hearing clinics etc.
Hearing aids used for compensation of the patient’s hearing loss.
Cadenza R BTE OE Hearing Aid Maintenance:
When use hearing aids, earwax will be accumulated in the ear canal and sound tube. Mass accumulation of earwax may affect the sound quality of hearing aid. Please clean your ear canal and hearing aid regularly.
a)Change Ear Domes
Removing Ear Domes
Hold the ear dome with left hand and tubing connector with the right hand to separate them from each other.
Install Ear Domes
Please refer to the use guider item Number 4.d for①.
b)How To Clean RIC Hearing Aid
Clean your hearing aid with a dry soft cloth.
Clean the hearing aid on a soft ground like the desk with soft towel to avoid damage when falling down.
Warning: Never use any liquid to clean the hearing aid.

c)Moisture Prevention
Place the hearing aid into the dryer box overnight to prevent moisture and extend the life-time of hearing aid.
d)Vibration Prevention
Please place the hearing aid into vibration-proof box or bag when not using
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