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Cadenza A series open fit BTE hearing aids (BTE OE)

  • Up to 12 channels 10 bands
  • mini digital hearing aids
  • Open-Fit hearing aids

Up to 12 channels 10 bands mini digital hearing aids, Cadenza A series open fit BTE hearing aids has clear, natural sound. Hearing aids are cheap and suitable for the elderly with hearing loss without professional fitting. It is digitally pre-programmed and has no Bluetooth hearing aid.

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Cadenza A is a digital pre-programmed Open-Fit BTE hearing aid with small size, comfortable hearing and high clarity. It can be sold in supermarkets, pharmacies, online stores and hearing clinics.

The newly designed Cadenza A series hearing aid has intelligent noise reduction and intelligent feedback cancellation up to 18 dB, and only one button is used to change the program. Short press to change the volume, long press to change the program. The preset programs include: basic (normal settings), high frequency compensation and low frequency compensation. Cadenza A uses zinc-air battery 312A with buttons. Suitable for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss (elderly, children).

  • Small Size, Hearing comfortably and high clarity
  • Intelligent Record.
  • Low Power Indicator.
  • Low Consumption.
  • Full Frequency Noise Reduction.
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • DSP Chip

In addition to producing our own brand of hearing aids, we also provide OEM/ODM business orders, which means that the product has your logo or your design pattern and color. If you are interested in our BTE OE hearing aids (Cadenza A series), please contact us, we promise to provide you with the most competitive price and satisfactory service.

Hearing aid wholesalers, distributors and hearing experts all over the world (especially in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia) have long-term cooperation with us in the hearing aid business.

What is an open fit BTE hearing aid?

What is an Open-Fitting Hearing Aid? An open-fitting BTE hearing aid is an adaptation of the “receiver-in-the-canal” device. Like most hearing aids, a unit fits on the back of the ear and connects to a receiver inside the ear by a wire. The speaker wire delivers the sounds into the ear canal.

How to wear an open fit BTE hearing aid?

Insert the tip into the tubing and squeeze several times until the debris has been removed. Ask your audiologist for a forced air blower if one has not been provided. Snap or screw the tubing back onto the hearing aids and push the domes back onto the tubing.

Who is more suitable to wear open fit hearing aid?

Open fit hearing aids may also be a good choice for people who experience a buildup of earwax. An open-fit hearing aid is less likely to be damaged by earwax. Also, some people may prefer the open-fit hearing aid because their perception of their voice does not sound “plugged up.”

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