Austar Rechargeable ITE Hearing Aid Shopping Guide

This is New Coming non-programmable Rechargeable ITE (In the Ear) Hearing Aid -- Cadenza C. Feature of easy operation, high performing and high clarity. More convenience for dispenser sales, and also more convenieence for user to change volume through handy VC. Cadenza C can be sold at super markets, pharmacy shops, online shops and hearing clincs etc.
Cadenza C use rechangeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery 312A, with option VC or Push Button for user. Suitable for mild-to-moderate user with condition, sensorineural and mixed Hearing Loss.
Panel: Beige Brown
Shell: Beige Black

The Mini ITE Hearing Aid use digital chips with high speed DSP signal processing, intelligent noise management system and feedback processing function, provide users with comfortable and excellent clarity listening pleasure. smaller size. Hearing comfortably during different environments, such as quiet home, traffic and meeting.

Wearing Display

Features Advantage Benefit
Smaller Size and Rechargeable Invisible and decent design
Closed ear domes and no whistle Comfortable, Natural, Clear Voice
Small trimmer for volume control Button for volume and program adjustment User can adjust volume power and change programs freely.

Cadenza C Series Includes C59, C57, C55, C53, C51,  Fiting Range≤80dBHL

Features C59 C57 C55 C53 C51
Channel 10 8 6 4 2
Noise Reduction 18db 15db 12db 9db 6db
Feedback Cancellation Multi-model
Sudden Impulsive Noise Management 5Level 4level


2Level 1Level
Program 4 4 3 1 1
Push Button/VC 3&1 Push Button/VC 3&1 Push Button/VC 3&1 Push Button/VC VC VC
Program Switch Control -- --
Low Power Indicator
Cadenza C Technology Data And Fitting Range
Max OsPL90(dBSPL) 111
Peak Gain(dB) 39
HFA FOG(dB) 34
Frequency Range F1≤200Hz,F2≥7620Hz
THD at 500/800/1600Hz 0.8%/0.8%/0.5%
Eq. Input Noise Level(dB) 20.2
Battery Current Drain(mA) 1.5

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