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Founded in 2003, Austar Hearing is the best manufacturer and supplier of hearing aids with medical standards in China. Our customers are all over the world. Hearing aid distributors in the United States and Europe are our main development customers. Welcome to establish business relationships with us. OEM and ODM hearing aids are available. As a national high-tech enterprise, Austar has been dedicating to improve the hearing of hearing-impaired people through the advanced technology. Our business covers hearing aids, hearing devices and audiology-related equipments.

As a member of the Merry Group, Austar is the first Chinese company to develop high-performance audio signal processing algorithms, specializing in research and development, production and sales of hearing aids and hearing equipments. We have CE, FDA and ISO 13485 and invention patent certificates, etc.

AUSTAR is the best hearing aid manufacturer and brand in China, providing affordable hearing aids and hearing solutions for global dealers and the hearing impaired. Wholesale programmable digital hearing aids, and use our own fitting system software to program hearing aids to ensure the superior quality and competitive prices of hearing aids in this industry. Due to the excellent quality and affordable price of hearing aids, Austar hearing aids have good reviews and are favored by hearing impaired users worldwide. Cadenza is an OTC hearing aid brand established by AUSTAR, provide the best over the counter (OTC) hearing aids for seniors with hearing loss, products can be sold in Walmart and Amazon. Our main customers are hearing aid companies across the USA, Europe, Asia and Mid East. View more about Austar


Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids, Mini Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids, Mini Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

DSP digital signal processing technology

2 to 10 channels, 10 bands

2 to 4 programs (Common, high frequency compensation, low frequency compensation, tinnitus masker)

Looking for a reliable hearing aid supplier? AUSTAR is what you are looking for! With more than 18 years of industry experience, we can provide you with high-quality and affordable hearing aids.

Cadenza H series (H10/H6/H4/H2) are rechargeable BTE hearing aids without professional fitting. Users can wear it after purchase, which is an open fit hearing aid. Adopts digital processing technology to amplify sound signal and automatically eliminates sound feedback.

Cadenza H have a full-frequency intelligent noise processing system, which can be worn in different working and living environments. From H2 to H10, it provides 6dB to 12dB of different noise processing capabilities.

Two multi-function buttons can adjust the volume and program, and realize different functions (volume, program, sleep) according to the button control at different times (1S, 2S, 5S), avoiding the inconvenience of each starting and debugging. Prefabricated 2 to 4 listening programs (universal, clear, soft, masking tinnitus), easy to switch.

Fitting Range:

Suitable for patients with sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss with hearing loss ≤70dBHL.

Very suitable for:

1. Wholesalers/ dealers, supermarkets, pharmacies, hearing clinics, amazon, walmart, online store sales, etc.

2. Hearing impaired people, such as elderly and children with mild to severe hearing loss. Please send us your audiogram when purchasing, so that we can recommend a more suitable hearing aids based on your audiogram.

Function & Benefits:

1. 16-20 hours of battery life

2. Fully charged in 3-5 hours

3. Charge the hearing aids 5 times

4. Easy to wear and operate.

The main characteristic parameters of Cadenza H are as follows:

Product Name Cadenza H
Series H2 H4 H6 H10
Fitting Range (dBHL) ≤70 ≤70 ≤70 ≤70
Battery Rechargeable
Channel 2 4 6 10
Band 10 10 10 10
Noise Reduction 6dB 9dB 12dB 12dB
Multi-channels Expansion 2 4 6 10
Program 2 3 3 4
Program/ Volume Recording
Push Button/ VC Push Button
Progarm Switch Indicator
Low Power Indicator

If you want more detailed parameters, product brochures or quotations of Cadenza H hearing aids, please send us an inquiry.

Wholesale Best RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid from China Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Wholesale Best RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid from China Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Best rechargeable RIC hearing aids in 2022

Best OTC rechargeable hearing aids

Dual rechargeable bte hearing aid

Rechargeable receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids


Dual Rechargeable, Mini, Digital, Fitting-free, Pre-programmed, Discreet, Comfortable, Easy to wear and operate.

7 colors:

Champagne, Skin Tone, Pearl Grey, Silver, Grey, Coffee and Black.

Rechargeable hearing aids prices:

AUSTAR hearing aid manufacturers direct sales, reducing middlemen to maximize your profits. Very competitive price, factory bulk wholesale rechargeable hearing aids at cheap price. Cheap rechargeable hearing aids for sale.


The hearing aid device comes with a hearing aid charger. All you need to do is put a pair of hearing aids in the charging case and charge them while you sleep at night for a full day of use. Solve the trouble of frequent battery replacement.

Bluetooth function:

Not supported. This rechargeable RIC hearing aid without bluetooth.

Target Audience:

  • 1. Hearing impaired, elderly people with mild to severe hearing loss.
  • 2. Hearing clinics, wholesalers, distributors and Amazon, Walmart online sellers.


A reliable hearing aid brand and manufacturer in China with more than 19 years of hearing aid production experience. High quality and guaranteed.Certified by CE, ISO13485 and FDA.

Whether you are hearing aid importers, brand owners, distributors, wholesalers, or retailers, you can benefit from importing hearing aids from AUSTAR. Start earning substantial profits in your country today!

AUSTAR hearing aid manufacturer bulk wholesale RIC Rechargeable hearing aids at affordable price.

If you are still spending a lot of time looking for a reliable hearing aid manufacturer/supplier, then you need an experienced hearing aid supplier to help you increase profits, save costs and keep customers happy. Let us help you achieve success in your hearing aid business. No more wasting time endlessly with lousy hearing aid wholesalers.

For more functional parameters, please ask us for a brochure.

Please contact us if interested.

Affordable BTE open fit digital rechargeable hearing aids

Affordable BTE open fit digital rechargeable hearing aids

100 hours super long endurance

11 channels & crystal clear sound

Auto feedback cancellation & intelligent noise reduction

Cadenza H51 is a affordable behind-the-ear (BTE) digital rechargeable open-fit hearing aid. It adopts an open-ear design and has a high-end core algorithm. It delicately processes every sound in the ear, making listening more natural and clear. It has a fashionable appearance and friendly design, more light and comfortable to use. Equipped with a super long battery life charging box, it can supply the hearing aid to work continuously for 100 hours, enjoying the comfortable listening.

Affordable bte open fit digital rechargeable hearing aids

Newest High-End Core Algorithm

Multi-channels acoustic signal processing and wide dynamic range compression enable the sound of each channel to be independently calculated, improving the compensation of hearing degree to realize accurate and comfortable listening.

Cadenza H51 rechargeable hearing aids can intelligently recognize speech sound and environmental noise, improving the speech signal while suppressing noise. The noise reduction is up to 12dB, and the voice recognition is greatly enhanced, so as to ensure that users can hear clearly voices in noisy environments.

The Cadenza h51 rechargeable hearing aid has an ultra-low signal delay within 5 milliseconds can reduce the distortion and transmission loss of sound, and make the sound more natural and authentic.

The Cadenza H51 rechargeable hearing aid supports to listening in different scenarios with 3 programs, accurately match listening needs, and listen to what I hear.

Charging Design

In addition to the charging design, the Cadenza H51 hearing aid is also equipped with a stylish and environmentally friendly magnetic charging case, which is easy to carry. After the hearing aid is fully charged, it can be used with the charging box, and the long battery life is 100 hours.

Multi-functional Volume Control, Listening Without Efforts

You can adjust the volume and program with one key. It is easy to understand and operate.

Intelligent and Auto Feedback Cancellation

The Cadenza H51 hearing aid has multiple adaptive acoustic feedback can effectively suppress howling and improve wearing comfort.

Tiny but Powerful

The Cadenza H51 hearing aid is tiny and exquisite in appearance, easy to carry, the core is "powerful", the maximum fitting range is over 70dB.

Color options:

Beige, Black and Silver.

OEM/ODM Hearing Aids Available

AUSTAR is the best hearing aid manufacturer in China, we can provide both OEM and ODM hearing aid service, which means size, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requestsand your logo will be customized on our products. If you are looking for a reliable hearing aid supplier, please contact us.

Why Choose AUSTAR?

Good Quality Good Quality

AUSTAR has developed a chip algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, and has the core technology of hearing aid R&D, in order to manufacture the best quality hearing aid to meet the needs of the market.

New Products Developing New Products Developing

Our 6 specialized R&D teams includig 50+ engineers has 20+ years experience can help our customers are always competitive in the market. In 2019, new factory in Haicang aiming on building the largest hearing aid R&D production base in China.

OEM / ODM Service OEM / ODM Service

We can provide both OEM and ODM service, which means size, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requestsand your logo will be customized on our products. OEM hearing aid manufacturers.

Specialized Shipping Services Specialized Shipping Services

AUSTAR has rich oversea business knowledges and experience for exporting, door to door service to make customers buy from AUSTAR like purchasing from domestically.

Succeed with Big Customers Succeed with Big Customers

Over 5000 m2 of manufacturing space and 500 industry experienced staff can supply big volume orders. We always help customers to grow business together and achieves long term cooperations with big overseas companies.

Satisfying after-sale service Satisfying after-sale service

AUSTAR seldom has quality complaint comes back because of superior quality supplied, if happens our professional technology team can help to fix the issue very quickly and provide the suitable solution online.



How to extend the service life of hearing aids to more than 10 years

7 Tips To Extend Hearing Aid Life: Storage conditions, Cleaning and maintenance, Replace consumables and accessories, Self-cleaning, Take it carefully, Hearing aid cleaning and Proper placement.

Hearing aid cost and longevity

Hearing aids are an indispensable communication tool for hearing-impaired patients and indispensable good partners. But hearing aids are also often expensive. It ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Therefore, users who wear hearing aids will be particularly concerned about the life of hearing aids, how to use them to live longer?

How many years does a hearing aid usually last?

Hearing aids usually have a service life of 5-8 years, and careful care is also useful for more than 10 years. Of course, people with hearing impairment conditions can also replace the latest technology hearing aid products in 2~3 years, and enjoy them early.

How to extend the life of your hearing aids

How to maintain the life of hearing aids?

The lifespan of hearing aids may vary from hearing impaired to another, but here are 7 tips to extend the life of your hearing aids.

1. Storage conditions: use drying box or electronic drying box for dehumidification and keep the hearing aid dry.

2. Cleaning and maintenance: as far as possible, go to the hearing aid store once a month to do professional cleaning, maintenance, testing and debugging.

3. Replace consumables and accessories: hearing aids have some vulnerable accessories, such as cerumen protectors, sound tubes, earplugs, etc., which need to be replaced regularly in time at the fitting center.

4. Self-cleaning: Some chemicals produced by human metabolism, such as sweat, uric acid, dust, etc. Plastic and metal components that can affect hearing aids, causing fading or corrosion. You should wipe off sweat on your head, wipe your hearing aids, and wash your hands frequently.

5. Take it carefully: be careful when wearing hearing aids daily, sit in a soft place as much as possible (such as a sofa); prevent damage to components caused by falling from height.

6. Hearing aid cleaning: consult a hearing aid fitter to clean the hearing aid in a more professional way every day.

7. Proper placement: when not wearing hearing aids, open the battery door; Keep out of reach of children and pets in a drying box.

Therefore, if you want hearing aids to wear them longer, it is important to cherish and care for hearing aids!

The best hearing aid brand and manufacturer in China

Austar Hearing is the best hearing aid brand and manufacturer in China, with medical standards, and is also a professional OEM, OTC hearing aid supplier, providing affordable hearing aids and hearing solutions for dealers and hearing impaired people.

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3 suggestions for the elderly to buy hearing aids

The incidence of senile deafness is as high as about 60%, and the number of people is still increasing year by year, so it is very important for the elderly with hearing loss to choose the right hearing aids, and the elderly buy hearing aids or wear hearing aids 3 suggestions:

Precautions for buying hearing aids for the elderly

First, the misunderstanding of wearing hearing aids

1. Some elderly people believe that hearing impairment is a normal functional aging phenomenon, and it does not matter if hearing is not good.

2. Many elderly people are psychologically unwilling to accept hearing aids, afraid of being seen by others, and think that wearing hearing aids is a manifestation of aging.

3. Most of the elderly listen to the experience of others using hearing aids, and think that hearing aids are noise amplifiers, which are not only inaudible, but very noisy.

4. Many elderly friends believe that even wearing hearing aids can not restore normal hearing, so there is no need for fitting.

Second, how to treat hearing aids correctly for the elderly

1. Senile hearing loss, like other senile diseases, is caused by aging of the body. It's the same as aging eyes. If left unintervened, vision will become worse and worse, and even cause other diseases. Similarly, if hearing impairment is not intervened in time and correctly, it will accelerate the deterioration of hearing function in the long run, lead to the deterioration of the speech center, and may even induce senile dementia. Therefore, it is necessary to detect and intervene as soon as possible so as not to affect the quality of life.

2. Hearing aids are already a must-have for middle-aged and elderly people with hearing loss. Once you have hearing problems, you should seek medical attention in time, and if it is serious, you should wear hearing aids. And now that hearing aid technology is becoming more and more advanced, whether it is a hearing aid behind the ear or a custom hearing aid, it can be very hidden.

3. Don't believe in other people's "experience", some elderly people around us have had experience in using hearing aids, and the reflection effect is not much, most of them complain about loud noise and can't hear clearly, which may be because most of them wear analog machines, and the current digital machine is still very different.

4. In fact, hearing aids can only help you hear the sound clearly, no matter how high-end hearing aids can not achieve the original effect of the ear, you must have appropriate expectations for hearing aids, and adhere to hearing aid adaptability training. Then it slowly adapts to the hearing aid like dentures to achieve the desired effect.

Three. Elderly hearing aid purchase and adaptation plan

Hearing aids are available

The selection of hearing aids must be completed in a professional hearing rehabilitation institution, and a professional hearing practitioner provides one-stop service.

Hearing aid adaptation plan

Many elderly people think that it is okay to wear hearing aids after purchasing. In fact, the selection of hearing aids is only the beginning of hearing rehabilitation, each of us from birth to the beginning of learning to listen to sounds, recognize the voices of relatives, learn to listen to sounds useful to themselves in a noisy environment, these abilities are acquired. Once one day hearing begins to decline, these abilities are also declining, so it takes us a few weeks to adapt to hearing aids, wearing hearing aids every day from short to long, wearing environment from quiet to noisy, communication from simple to complex. Generally, if the hearing aid is available, it will be reviewed at the hearing center after one month. Adjust for listening issues you find within a month.

AUSTAR is a well-known hearing aid brand with medical standards in China, providing affordable hearing aids for hearing loss patients and distributors. If you are interested in hearing aids, please contact us.

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4 misunderstandings of wearing hearing aids

Hearing impairment, for adults, affects both daily work and harmonious communication in family life. For children, it will also affect language development, so early detection, early intervention, and early treatment are required. Therefore, an important way to solve the problem of hearing impairment is to wear hearing aids.

The human auditory system is a very complex system, and hearing aids are a very sophisticated electronic device formed by the application of high technology. To be able to hear sound through hearing aids, but also to hear comfortably and clearly, is the good wish that every hearing-impaired patient aspires to achieve. However, we also have 4 major misunderstandings when wearing hearing aids:

4 Misunderstandings of Wearing Hearing Aids

1. Hearing aids will become more deaf the more you wear them

Hearing aids are Class 2 medical devices, fitting hearing aids requires a rigorous and scientific process, need to go through professional equipment for hearing examination, and according to the user's hearing loss, listening needs to choose and debug hearing aids. Therefore, in the optional hearing aid, please go to the hospital or professional hearing testing institution, after excluding your own factors, the hearing aid after professional debugging will not appear more and more deaf. It is recommended to buy hearing aids instead of hearing amplifiers (PSAPs), hearing aid is a sound-amplifying device intended to compensate for impaired hearing.

2. Try on someone else's hearing aids

This approach is wrong, wearing hearing aids is the same as wearing glasses, you need to choose according to your own situation. Many elderly people often inquire in many ways before choosing hearing aids, to see what others wear, how much the price is, and even appear that others say that hearing aids have a good effect, and they also wear others' to try. The effect of this audition is not ideal, it may be too loud and noisy, or it may not be effective. Everyone's hearing loss and listening needs are different, according to their own hearing condition for fitting, such a hearing aid is the most suitable for themselves.

3. When you can't hear, get a hearing aid

"When you can't hear, then use hearing aids" is a major misunderstanding of hearing-impaired people. It is familiar with the problem of "myopia, wait until you can't see at all and then wear glasses". In fact, glasses and hearing aids are tools to assist correction, glasses are to help myopic people, hearing aids are to help hearing impaired people. In fact, our ears have the phenomenon of "use in and out", when we have hearing problems but do not intervene in time, we will become more and more insensitive to sound, the response is getting worse and worse, and the brain's ability to distinguish speech is getting worse and worse. Even if interventions are taken at a later stage, it is likely that you can hear the sound but not understand it. This is because our brain's auditory center deteriorates due to not being stimulated by sound for a long time. Therefore, the earlier the intervention is taken, the better the effectiveness of hearing aids.

4. After wearing hearing aids, the ears are normal

Many elderly people will think of hearing aids as an artifact before choosing hearing aids, and think that they can immediately understand and hear clearly when wearing hearing aids, but in fact this is not the case. First of all, hearing aids are only a tool to assist listening, which will acoustically compensate according to the hearing of hearing impaired patients to help patients listen, but they cannot replace the human ear for fine processing and resolution of sound. Wearing hearing aids should be a gradual process, because on days without hearing aid intervention, our ears are in the stage of missing sound stimulation, and naturally the ability to understand sounds will decrease, so it is as difficult to wear hearing aids as normal ears. After wearing hearing aids, you need to constantly cooperate with language stimulation training and gradually improve your speech discrimination ability to achieve better listening.

Purchasing hearing aids, OEM hearing aids, choose AUSTAR, 20 years of industry experience, with medical standards of professional hearing aid manufacturers, to provide you with market competitive hearing aids.

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5 ways to make conversation easier for users wearing hearing aids

Many people mistakenly believe that wearing hearing aids can achieve normal hearing and immediate results, in fact, wearing hearing aids is only the beginning of the hearing rehabilitation process. Hearing aid wearers need to get used to new sounds and changes in timbre to re-establish self-confidence when communicating. Friends and family should gradually help them overcome difficulties in order to give them great help, 5 ways to help hearing aid users talk easily:

5 Ways to Talk Easily with Hearing Impaired

1. Keep the user focused before conveying the message and avoid talking to multiple people at the same time. We can pat the user before talking to him to help him focus on us, or ask the user to stop what they are doing to focus. For users with poor speech resolution, it is more recommended to understand one-on-one, avoid multiple conversations, and avoid distracting users.

2. Communicate face-to-face when speaking, using gestures, facial expressions, lip language to help users understand. Even when people with normal hearing communicate with others, face-to-face communication, supplemented by facial expressions and lip speech, can achieve the best results. This is even more important as a person with hearing impairment.

3. The speaker should speak clearly, talk at a normal communication distance and normal volume, and slow down the speed of speech. Often in life we have a misunderstanding, think that can not hear clearly the sound can be increased, does have a certain effect, but its effect is not as good as the normal volume to slow down the speed of speech, so in daily life we as family and friends to help our hearing impaired people with more patience, take the initiative to slow down the speed of speech.

4. Reduce background noise and try to keep users away from noise sources. For example, turn the sound off the TV or radio, or close the door to reduce noise.

5. When talking, if you find that the wearer is tired, do not force or prolong the conversation. Especially the elderly, due to age, are weaker and not suitable for long-term focused conversation.

AUSTAR: A leading professional Chinese hearing aid manufacturer and supplier, committed to improving hearing through technology for hearing-impaired users.

Hearing Aid Knowledge2022-12-30


4 main causes of hearing loss

To treat and prevent hearing loss, it is also necessary to understand the factors that cause hearing loss in daily life, early detection and early treatment. There are four common causes of hearing loss, and these four must be paid attention to.

good health, good life

1. Ear diseases

Hearing loss may be caused by ear diseases, such as otitis externa, foreign body in the outer ear, etc. Sometimes acute and chronic middle ear problems can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. If you have ear diseases, it is best to go to a regular hospital for relevant examinations and receive treatment. Don't delay, otherwise it will develop in a bad direction.

2. Hearing loss caused by noise

Many users have nervous tinnitus, which is because the ears hear some noise for a long time, or the living environment is relatively noisy. Long-term exposure to noise will greatly reduce the function of our inner ear, so we avoid being in such an environment, we can wear earmuffs, earplugs, etc. to buffer some noise and reduce the negative impact of noise.

3. Bad living habits

How important it is to develop good living habits can keep us in a healthy state and full of vitality. For example, long-term drinking, drinking coffee, etc. Excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine will aggravate the symptoms of nervous tinnitus, resulting in hearing loss. In addition, smoking can cause blood oxygen to drop, and heavy smokers generally have symptoms of tinnitus. Therefore, if you want to get rid of tinnitus and hearing loss, you must start with developing good living habits.

4. Hearing loss caused by excessive stress

Excessive stress may lead to hearing loss. This is real. Nowadays, social pressure is increasing, which leads to decreased immunity, disordered endocrine system, and hearing loss caused by insufficient brain congestion.

This article can basically solve for you: causes of hearing loss, medical causes of hearing loss, how is hearing loss caused? What can cause hearing loss? What are the main causes of hearing loss? And so on. If you need help, please contact us.

Tip: Wearing hearing aids is one of the best ways to deal with hearing loss. Austar - A leading manufacturer and supplier of hearing aids in China.

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