IA Wireless Programmable Hearing Aids and Wipro T USB Fitting Transmitter


Austar IA Hearing Aidswith wireless fitting and APP fitting, intelligent and convenient. Bring new hearing feeling and more comfortably feeling for you. Allow user to achieve a more satisfying, clearer, and natural listening experience in a variety of environments. During fitting and debugging, the communication speed is faster and the operation is more convenient. The user is no longer limited by the programming line during the debugging process, and can walk freely within 5 meters to feel the listening effect of all parties. And the cloud service user can be debugged remotely through the network.

Austar IA hearing aid SoftwareisAustar IA Latest Softwareis simple, clear and accurate. Newest fitting software combines Austar all Hearing Aid models, and more humanized classification itelligent detcetion products. Wired fitting and wireless fitting coexist, making Assist Hearing fitting more fast, convenient and accurate. The wireless fitting product provide a new Assist Hearing fitting operation, to provide remote assistance through a computernetwork to provide fitting services to customers, whether at home, in the office or outdoor.

wireless hearing aid  fitting typesWireless fitting including inside wireless fitting and external wireless fitting types. Audiologist can put wireless fitting transmitter at void place with USB program cable, that can keep wireless fitting process more stable and high rate without computer host, router and other wireless instruments interfere.

Wipro T USB Wireless Fitting Transmitter

Wireless Fitting Transmitter

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