AUSTAR launches high-quality, easy-to-operate rechargeable OTC hearing aid solutions


We are deeply honored to introduce to you AUSTAR's latest rechargeable over-the-counter hearing aid series: CADENZA H series hearing aids with APP control. This series of products not only represents a cutting-edge breakthrough in the hearing aid technology industry, but is also an innovative solution we have created to help the hearing-impaired people achieve a healthy life and barrier-free communication.

rechargeable over-the-counter hearing aids

The rechargeable over-the-counter hearing aids produced by AUSTAR combine cutting-edge technology and humanized design concepts. They use high-efficiency lithium-ion battery technology, support fast charging and have long battery life, which greatly reduces users’ need for frequent battery replacement, improving the convenience and convenience of use. Comfortable and adaptable to the fast pace of modern life.

rechargeable OTC hearing aids

In terms of function, the rechargeable hearing aid is equipped with an advanced digital signal processing system with up to 16 channels and an intelligent noise reduction function, which can accurately capture and optimize speech signals, effectively suppress background noise, and help users listen clearly in various complex environments. , significantly improving speech recognition rate and quality of life. At the same time, it also has user-friendly custom adjustment settings, which can be accurately adjusted through the APP according to individual hearing loss without professional guidance, truly realizing personalized hearing compensation.

rechargeable OTC hearing aids

As an OTC hearing aid, its features of easy purchase and easy operation have greatly broadened the consumer groups in Europe and the United States, helping to expand your sales channels and meet the hearing health needs of more hearing-impaired users. We know that every hearing aid device is a commitment to the quality of life of users. Therefore, from product research and development to after-sales service, we will uphold the spirit of craftsmanship to ensure the excellent performance and quality of our products.

rechargeable OTC hearing aids

If you are looking for hearing aid manufacturers and suppliers, we look forward to in-depth cooperation with you to jointly open up new business opportunities, serve more hearing-impaired people, and warm their world with the power of technology.

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