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Fugue 4W BTE 4 Channels Wireless Hearing Aids

  • 4 Channels
  • 8 Bands
  • 2 Program

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  • Features
  • Maintenance
  • Steps for Wearing BTE
This is Fugue 4W BTE 4 Channels Wireless Hearing Aids. It is IA hearing aids, using new wireless technology, developed from Intelligence Audiology technology, that make hearing aids transfer information data on cell phone and computer with high rate and stable working, humanized feeling. New type wireless fitting system can join computer with hearing aids directly. User can remove during fitting process on different directions and get best fitting result, not only sit or stand nearly to audiologist.
New function with DDRC,CASA noise reduction and automatic feedback cancellation, programmable channel from 4 to 32 channels. Within new function, IA hearing aids can provide high clarity sound to users who can hear more comfortably. When hearing aids in different environments for noisy traffic, quiet meeting etc. IA hearing aids can still bring natural sound.
4 Channels 
8 Bands 
4 Multi-channels Expansion
It is not only suitable for listening in quiet environments, but also for noisy environments, which is consistent with the ear canal, custom-made, invisible and comfortable to wear.
One. Clean ear mold (or ear dome)Bte hearing aid clean
  • Remove the ear mold(or ear dome)from the tube.
  • Use a brush and cleaning cloth to clean the earwax, or flushing the ear mold (or ear dome) with clean water.
  • Dry the ear mold (or ear dome), making sure that no water remains. If you have a balloon or similar tool, you can use them for drying.
  • Clean the hearing aid on soft desk or table to avoid the hearing aids to damaging.BTE hearing Aid Maintenance
  • Never use any liquid like water to clean it since they may lead to permanent damage to the circuitry.
Two. Cleaning Wireless Hearing Aid
  • Clean your hearing aid with a dry soft cloth.
  • Clean the hearing aid on soft desk or table to avoid the hearing aids to damaging.How to clean Austar BTE hearing aid
  • Never use any liquid like water to clean hearing aid.
Three. Moisture prevention
Please put the hearing aid into the dry box before going to sleep every night to extend the life of the hearing aid.
Note: Dryer can be provided separately.
Four. Vibration prevention
Put the hearing aid in a shockproof box or shockproof bag when you don't need to use the hearing aid.
A.Tube confirmedHow To Wear BTE Hearing Aid
1.The earplugs, elbows, and sound tube are connected in place, and put the earplug to ear canal correctly.
2.Place the hearing aid on the auricle closely.
3.Compare the length of the connection between tube and ear hook, reserve 2 or 3mm, and cut off the excess.
4.Connect the tube and ear hook.
B. Installing batteryInstalling BTE hearing aid battery
1.Choose 13A battery.
2.Use your fingernail to gently rub the battery door.
3.Remove the label and put in the air for at least 2 minutes.
4.Insert the battery, and make sure the positive and negative pole. "+" sign on the batteryInstalling Austar battery should be at the same side as "+" on the battery door.
5.Close the battery gently.

C. Remove battery
Hold down the battery corner gently with your fingers to open the battery door. Remove the battery after battery door fully opened.Installing BTE hearing aid battery

D. Power on/off
1.Power on:When the battery door is fully closed.
Installing battery2.Power Off:When the battery door is open.

E. How To Wear BTE Hearing Aid
Pinch the bottom of tube with your fingers and gently push the ear dome into the ear canal.
Use another hand to pull the auricle back and rotate the ear dome (or ear mold) until it is inwearing BTE hearing aid place.
Place the hearing aid behind the ear and close to the head, and the ear hook hang on the auricle comfortably.

F. Remove hearing aid
1.Remove the hearing aid from the back of the ear.
2.Pinch the bottom of tube and gently pull it, and remove the ear dome with the hearing aid after it is loose.Wireless BTE hearing aid

G. Replacing ear dome
Disassembly:Pinch the earplug with hand to separate the tube from the connector as shown in below picture.
Assembly: Select the appropriate size of earplug; hold the earplug and put it into the connector correctly.

APP control hearing aids Tips: Kindly recommend to choose M size ear dome at the first time. If ear dome is small, that will make hearing aid whistle when you wear it in the ear canal. Please choose bigger size ear dome, when hearing aid is whistle.
Kindly suggest that you can put hearing aid volume lower before you wear it into ear canal, that will avoid hearing aid whistle in the ear canal.
If ear dome is too big, you cannot wear it, please choose smaller size.

H. Ear mold
The ear mold needs to be customized separately, and it is specially made according to the shape of the ear canal of the user. It has the advantages of comfortable wearing, preventing whistling, improving sound quality and so on. Please consult us If you need to customize the ear mold.

I. Volume control
You can change the hearing aid volume by touch the “+” and “-” buttons:
Pressing the “+” button, the volume increasing until the volume reaches the maximum value of preset range.
Pressing the “-” button, the volume decreasing until the volume reaches the minimum value of preset range.
BTE Hearing aid Volume control
Note: Fugue w has volume memory function, the memory time is 10 minutes, that is, continuous wear for 10 minutes or more, power on in the next time ,the hearing aid automatically adjusts to the volume level in last time。
J. Button(two-in-one)

1.Short press(1 second):Cycle switching program by pressing button, you can hear different program indicator. And judge each program by different indicator. Each program set by experts.
2.Extra-long press (5 seconds):Fugue w has sleep mode function. Press the program button for 5 seconds to enter the sleep mode, and the hearing aid saves power in standby mode;Press the program button again for 5 seconds to release the sleep mode and wake up the hearing aid to working status.
Note: Fugue w has program memory function, the memory time is 10 minutes, that is, continuous wear for 10 minutes or more, power on in the next time ,the hearing aid automatically adjusts to the program level in last time.

K. Battery locker
The user can lock the hearing aid battery by the locker and prevent the child from accidentally taking the battery. The red and blue colors can be used to identify the right and left ears of the hearing aid. Users can install it according to actual needs.
Open the battery door, and put in the locker.

Press the rectangular surface of locker by flat tweezer gently.
Lock/unlock:The screwdriver extends into the battery door, and when it is dialed upward and downward, the battery door is locked and unlocked.

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