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Good rated OTC hearing aids for seniors with severe hearing loss (Cadenza E73)

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The Cadenza E73 is an OTC rechargeable hearing aid with APP control and the latest algorithms, wireless BLE technology. Powerful and easy to operate, it is the hearing device of choice for the hearing-impaired elderly. AUSTAR is your preferred and reliable hearing aid manufacturer when starting your new hearing aid business.

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Cadenza e73 OTC rechargeable RIC hearing aids with app control

Hearing Aid Features:

OTC rechargeable RIC hearing aids with app control

Hearing Aid Manufacturer:

Founded in 2003, AUSTAR is the best hearing aid manufacturer and brand in China with medical standards, with CE, ISO13485 and FDA certificates.

When purchasing hearing aids from China, the AUSTAR brand is the first choice, and you get what you pay for. Reliable!

Do business directly with AUSTAR Hearing, which has more than 20 years of experience, without middlemen to earn the difference. This means that you will get competitive hearing aid prices to increase your profit margins.

Come on, contact us to start your business. Build trust and long-term partnership with AUSTAR.

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