Hearing Aid

A10 battery over-the-counter (OTC) instant fit CIC hearing aids

  • 2 - 10 Channels
  • 4 - 12 Bands
  • 1 - 4 Program

Hot and best-selling over-the-counter in-ear hearing aids, invisible CIC type, using a 10A battery. It is ideal for the hearing-impaired elderly, and we mainly sell wholesale to online e-commerce customers.

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  • Features
  • Maintenance
  • Steps for Wearing
The A10 battery over-the-counter (OTC) instant fit CIC hearing aids based on multi-core chips, high-speed DSP processors, multi-modal feedback cancellation function cancel hearing aid whistle easily, feel comfortable. The CASA noise management system suppress environment noise fast with high level to improve signal-to-noise ratio and enhance speech learning. DDRC compression system make fitting result meticulously at different frequencies, and also, hearing aid system can reduce environment impulsive noise and wind noise fast, make hearing aid environment sound to be natural and clarity, bring the soft  and  clean sound feeling.
Intelligent Multi-Core Digital Processing System
4 Channel
8 Band
4 Multi-channels Expansion
Normal CASA Noise Reduction Manager
New 5th Generation Intelligent Multi-Modal Feedback Handling System
2 Program
High Precision Target Algorithm : 6 types
Fitting Record Sharing

It is small and can sit comfortably in your ear without the need to visit an audiologist. It also supplied with three size open-fit silicon fitting tips and closed ear domes.

How To Maintenance?
When use hearing aids, earwax will accumulate in the ear canal and ear plugs loud mouth. Large accumulation of earwax may affect the sound quality of hearing aids, So please regularly clean your ear canal and hearing aids earplug.

Cleaning Hearing Aid
●Clean and wipe your hearing aid with a dry soft cloth.
●Use the brush to clear the earwax in the sound hole of hearing aid.

Clean or wipe hearing aid on the soft surface (such as: place the soft cloth or towel on the desk) to avoid hearing aid being damaged when fall down accidentally.
Never use any liquid like water to clean hearing aid since it may lead to permanently damage the circuitry.

How To Put Instant Fit CIC Hearing Aids on the Ear
Turn on the hearing aids before placing them on the ear.
Hold your hearing aids with your thumb and forefinger on the outer edges of the case or the pull wire on the device faceplate.
Gently insert the canal tip of the instrument into your ear canal until you feel resistance.
Use tip of your forefinger to softly move the hearing aid forward or backward to place the device in an appropriate position so as to fit it in the ear canal.
To help position the hearing aids properly you can pull the outer ear backwards and upwards with the other hand.
Five. How To Use Instant Fit CIC Hearing Aids Volume Control (Optional)
The clockwise rotation is gradually increased and the counterclockwise is gradually decreased.
Six. How To Use Instant Fit CIC Hearing Aids Button Control (Optional)
●The application method of button with the ordinary program switch: By pressing the program switch, program can be switched circularly among different programs. Every press is for one program switch. When the battery door is closed and the power is on, the hearing aid will automatically go to “Program 1”.
For those which have the program memory feature, hearing aids can return to the same program when turned back on.
●The application method of button with three in all function:
Short press(1 second):Cycle to change the volume: the volume drops 3dB by every press the button. When it is dropped to the lowest volume, press the button again, the volume will reach the maximum value of the setting range.
Long press(2 seconds):Cycle to switch program: Press and hold for 2 seconds to hear different program mode.
If hearing aids have program memory and continuously works for 10 minutes or more, then it is turned off. It will return to the same setting when turned back on.
Extra-long press (5 seconds):Press the program button for 5 seconds to enter the sleep mode, and the hearing aid saves power in standby mode;Press the program button again for 5 seconds to release the sleep mode and wake up the hearing aid to working status.
Seven. How To Remove InstantFit Hearing Aids In Ear
Grasp the device with your thumb and forefinger; gently rotate it as you pull outward.
For devices with pull wire: Grasp the pull wire and gently take the hearing aids out of ear.
Never use the battery door to pull the hearing aid out! Damage may occur as it is not designed to withstand the pressure of pulling.

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