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Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids for seniors and kids with hearing loss

  • Mini digital hearing aids
  • BTE Open-fit
  • Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

Austar RIC hearing aids up to 32 channels and 32 bands. Clear, natural sound. Suitable for the elderly and children with mild to severe hearing loss. It is a digitally programmed hearing aid without Bluetooth. Complete product line, Comprehensive hearing coverage.

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Austar hearing aid with completely types and excellent design including BTE, RIC, BTE-OE, ITE and Instant Fit CIC. Standard power, high power and super power for BTE, RIC and ITE hearing aid. Many colors are available.

Intelligent audiology technology suitable for Austar hearing aids.

Austar Hearing advance deep neural network (DNN) integrate with Auditory Scene Perception technology of newest intelligence speech signal processing, on the basis of hearing acoustics, phonetics, electroacoustic, signal and information processing research. Through high rate DSP, low consumption Wireless technology to comply cell phone or computer to connect with hearing aid fitting by high rate, and create a new signal processing intelligence audiology enhanced platform. With new supervised adaptive learning enhancement hearing algorithm, using classification to imitate human hearing learning process, continuous accumulation of data and self-improvement function, intelligent separation of speech and noise to achieve significantly improved listening needs in speech-discriminating and complex environments for hearing-impaired patients, and benefit more hearing-impairedpeople at a reasonable price.

Austar IA hearing aid bring new hearing feeling and more comfortably feeling for you. Allow user to achieve more satisfying, clearer, and natural listening experience in a variety of environments. During fitting and debugging, the communication speed is faster and the operation is more convenient. The user is no longer limited by the programming line during the debugging process, and can walk freely within 5 meters to feel the listening effect of all parties. And the cloud service user can be debugged remotely through the network.

Intelligent supervised adaptive learning intelligent function can separate speech and noise.With automatic volume learning, volume record and program record. Record user’s favorite program and volume level.Improve speech comprehension more than 50%.

Wireless fitting.Fast and convenience. Enjoy hearing from all direction. Walk freely no program cable restrict.

Intelligent analysis environment signal function to analyze noise ratio information. High precision intelligent directional focusing. User can hear more clarity and more natural sounds in a variety of noisy environments, even in places where the sound source moves quickly.

Up to 32 independent channels can adjust to gain, DDRC, expansion and output functions levels. The sound signal processing function make sound more precise, the sound compensation more accurately, and the fitting operation more convenient. Allow user to listen more clearer, more comfortable, more natural.

Different series of different types of hearing aids on the IA platform can share data with each other, and can save multiple fitting records independently. Different types of hearing aids can transfer data to each other, which can provide users with more listening choices, allowing users to retrieve the listening data that was previously considered good.

Intelligence APP for power control and function adjustment. Convenient for users to find hearing aids. User can view the hearing aid power from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and independently adjust the volume and switch the listening program according to the listening environment.

Tinnitus masker function setting according to user's requirements. It can mask the sound of the user's tinnitus, to achieve a certain degree of relief of tinnitus, and divert the user's attention through a wide range of soothing background sounds.

We provide OEM/ODM services. If you have this requirement, please contact us. We will provide high-quality hearing aids with competitive prices to help you develop new hearing aid business markets.

Austar provides a full range of digital programmable hearing aid products with comprehensive hearing coverage. Hearing aid types including BTE, RIC, BTE-OE, ITE and Instant Fit CIC. Standard power, high power and super power for BTE, RIC and ITE hearing aid. Many colors are available.

What is RIC hearing aids?

RIC hearing aids is the location of the speaker (or receiver). Small, discreet and quick to fit. Perfect for first-time hearing aid wearers. In Behind-the-Ear hearing aids, the speaker is inside the hard case along with the other electronic components. Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aids, on the other hand, place the speaker at the end of a thin electrical wire connected to the case.

RIC hearing aids pros and cons

Compared with other types of hearing aids, the advantage of RIC hearing aids is that they are compact and mini. They are worn behind the ear and cannot be seen from the side, and are almost invisible. Therefore, they are favored by most users. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, but for profound hearing loss, please recommend our BTE type hearing aids.

How much does a RIC hearing aid cost?

Whether it is for hearing loss users or distributors to purchase ric hearing aids, the cost can be tens to hundreds of dollars. Compared with other brands (thousands of dollars), we provide more economical prices.

How do you fit a RIC hearing aid?

How to wear the RIC hearing aid, as shown below.

fit a RIC hearing aid

How long do RIC hearing aids last?

The average service life of RIC hearing aids is 5-8 years.

What is the difference between BTE and RIC hearing aids?

One of the most significant differences between RIC and BTE hearing aids is the location of the speaker (or receiver). The speaker location can help feedback reduction resulting in better sound quality. In behind-the-ear hearing aids, the speaker is inside the hard case along with the other electronic components.

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