Austar Brand Programmable Hearing Aids

Austar programmable hearing aids including IA, Elite and Elink. IA hearing amplifiers with wireless fitting and APP fitting, intelligent and convenient. Elite and Elink with traditional wired fitting. Hearing aids style includingIIC, CIC, ITC, HSE, ITE, BTE, BTE-OE, RIC. Hearing compensation range from mild to profound hearing loss.

One,IA: New wireless technology, developed from Intelligence Audiology technology, that make Assist Hearing transfer information data on cell phone and computer with high rate and stable working, humanized feeling. New type wireless fitting system can join computer with Sound Amplifiers directly. User can remove during fitting process on different directions and get best fitting result, not only sit or stand nearly to audiologist.
New function with DDRC,CASA noise reduction and automatic feedback cancellation, programmable channel from 4 to 32 channels. Within new function, IAhearing amplifierscan provide high clarity sound to users who can hear more comfortably. Whenhearing amplifiersin different environments for noisy traffic, quiet meeting etc. IA Assist Hearing can still bring natural sound. Series include:




Two,Elite: Based on multi-core chips, high-speed DSP processors, multi-modal feedback cancellation function cancel hearing amplifiers whistle easily, feel comfortable. The CASA noise management system suppress environment noise fast with high level to improve signal-to-noise ratio and enhance speech learning. Programmable channel from 4 to 32 with DDRC compression system make fitting result meticulously at different frequencies, and also, Mini Digital Earsystem can reduce environment impulsive noise and wind noise fast, make deaf aid environment sound to be natural and clarity, bring the soft  and  clean sound feeling. Series include:




Three,Elink: New NFMI technology for Elink Assist Hearing especially. NFMI technology transfer data with high bandwidth performance. Newest E&E wireless function helphearing amplifierstransfer signal data from one ear to another ear directly, and also, when user change one ear’sSound Amplifiersprogram or volume, anotherdeaf aid will change auto and Simultaneously. Within new functions, Elink Assist Hearing can enhance speech learning and feeling, especially suitable for cell phone speaking, make cell phone speaking more clarity and convenience, and also, make hearing compensation for different hearing loss requirements. Series include:




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