Cadenza S BTE Hearing Aid With Battery 13A


Cadenza S1 & Cadenza S3 Detail Pictures:

The Analog Cadenza S Hearing Aidwith classic Class-D circuit, natural sound, easy operation and low battery consumption, it is non-programmable style.

Cadenza S Accessory List:
More convenient for dispenser sales, and also, more convenient for user to change volume through handy VC. Cadenza S can be sold at super markets, pharmacy shops, online shops and hearing clinics etc.

Cadenza S Wearing Display:
Cadenza S use Zinc-Air battery 13A, with VC +LC+HC.
Suitable for Mild-to-moderate user with conduction, sensorineural and mixed Hearing Loss.

AST Cadenza S Advantage & Benefit:
Ear Domes with L/M/S size
Suitable for different customer needs
Wheel VC LC and HC control
Adjustable sound quality and Volume Control Three:
Zinc Air Battery:13A
Powerfull Battery(230mAh), working time nearly 140 hours

Technical Specification Cadenza S3 Cadenza S1
MAX OSPL90(dB SPL) 128 128
HFA OSPL90(dB SPL) 119 119
Peak Gain(dB) 57 55
HFA FOG(dB) 48 45
Frequency Range F1≤250 Hz, F2≥6000Hz F1≤250 Hz ~ F2≥6000Hz
THD at 500Hz 1.90% 1.30%
THD at 800Hz 0.40% 1.40%
THD at 1600Hz 0.50% 0.30%
Eq.Input Noise Level(dB) 29 28
Battery Current Drain (mA) 1.5 1.65
MASL (dBSPL) 74 -
Cadenza S Features Cadenza S3 Cadenza S1
Noise Reduction Low Frequency Range Low Frequency Range
Telecoil Input -
Rolling Wheel VC
Frequency Control LC and HC LC
MTO Switch -

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