How To Wear Austar BTE Hearing Aid


Etimbre+ BTE Hearing Aidfeatures toggle-switch Etimbre+ BTE OE Hearing Aid is a full digital and telligent Hearing Aid, with 4 signal processing channels, intelligent adaptive noise reduction system high-effective adaptive feedback suppression function. Toggle-switch BTE OE Hearing Aid helps user not only enjoy a clear hearing under quiet environment, but also in noisy environment.

The product design shows the new trend of BTE Hearing Aid, it meets the ergonomics theory with comfortable wearing and powerful functions.

Application Scope:

Toggle-switch BTE OE Hearing Aidis an auxiliary instrument used for compensation of the user's Hearing Loss. It is applicable for the hearing impaired with conductive, sensorineural and mixed Hearing Loss etc. It is adaptable for mild to moderate Hearing Loss. It should be adjusted and optimized individually by audiologist according to your personal Hearing Loss, the specific configurations, please see the appropriate sections of this User Guide.

Working conditions:
Temperature: -20 ~ +50, Humidity: 0 ~ 93
Voltage: DC1.4V

Storage Conditions:
Temperature: 0 ~ +38, Humidty:0~80

Impact on the Environment

Please dispose of the used battery according to local regulations to protect the environment

How To Wear BTE Etimbre+ Hearing Aid:

A. Intalling Battery

1. Check whether the battery type is correct or not (Battery size:312A).
2. Remove the tag on the battery and keep ir in the air at least 1 minute.
3. Open the battery door gently.
4. Insert the battery to ensure the (+) side is at the same side with the "+" printed at the side edge of the battery door.
5. Gently close the battery door.

B. Power On/Off

C. Removing Battery

D.Wear BTE OE Hearing Aid
1. Accessory Assembly
Tube Assembly

Link the bigger end (triangle base) of the tube with the Hearing Aid, from the position of 45 turn clockwise until the tube tightly matches the device.

Eartip Assembly

Choose the appropriate size of eartip and insert it into the connector on tube.

2. Steps for Wearing Hearing Aid

Use fingers to hold the bottom of the sound tube and push the eartip into the canal gently.

Use another hand to pull the auricle backward, rotating the eartip until it reaches the right position.

Put the Hearing Aid behind the ear and close the head, hung on the ear properly.

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