Speech enhancement technology for digital hearing aids


The role of microphone array (multi-mic, dual-mic) in speech enhancement technology of hearing aids.

Speech enhancement is an important part of digital hearing aid algorithm, its main task is to suppress background noise and interference. In the actual process of picking up the target speech, hearing aids will inevitably be interfered by the external environment noise and other speakers. If the interference noise is too strong, the listener will feel harsh and even can not hear the target speech clearly. In view of this situation, speech enhancement and background noise removal are usually used to improve the performance of digital hearing aid system. Because there is a certain distance between the target sound source and the microphone, the speech signal received by the microphone is greatly affected by the environmental noise and interference. The general speech enhancement system based on single microphone is difficult to achieve good enhancement effect. Microphone array uses the spatial information of target signal, noise and interference. The digital hearing aid speech enhancement system based on microphone array can provide better enhancement effect.

Based on the principle of microphone array speech enhancement in digital hearing aids, the accurate location and acquisition of the target sound source is always the key to improve the speech signal-to-noise ratio of digital hearing aids in highly noisy and reverberating environment. The signal received by microphone array has not only the target speech directly, but also the part of the target speech arriving through reflection, diffraction and other paths, that is reverberation. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the target sound source is located in the near field and far field of microphone array, and the intensity may be different in specific environment. The same is true for noise sources. By analyzing and processing the multi-channel speech signals, the microphone array makes the main lobe of the beam pattern formed by the array aim at the target speech, and the "zero point" points to the interference source to suppress the interference signal, so as to obtain the target speech as much as possible.

Compared with the single microphone, the microphone array adds a space domain on the basis of time-frequency domain, and combines the space-time frequency processing of signals from different directions in space. Therefore, microphone array can make up for the shortcomings of single isolated microphone in noise processing, location and tracking of sound source, speech extraction and separation, and can be widely used in various noisy background speech communication environment.

Dual Microphone Hearing Aids

Digital programmable BTE dual microphone hearing aid

BTE dual microphone hearing aids

Digital BTE dual microphone hearing aid

BTE dual microphone hearing aids

Digital Rechargeable bte hearing aid

Rechargeable bte hearing aids

Without Batteries, very popular mini rechargeable bte hearing aid.

In addition to the three dual-microphone hearing aids provided above, Austar also has many digital hearing aids with the same function, such as RIC, rechargeable cic hearing aids and so on.

About AUSTAR Hearing Aids

AUSTAR is a professional hearing aid manufacturer and supplier in China, as well as an OEM hearing aid manufacturer. Specializing in the production of a full range of various types of hearing aids, and using our own fitting system software to program the hearing aids to ensure the excellent quality of the hearing aids and make the price competitive in the industry.

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Austar hearing devices cover traditional hearing centers and hospital fitting hearing aids, as well as online retail OTC hearing aids, with traditional batteries and convenient rechargeable styles to choose from.

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Austar hearing aid products focus on humanized design, sound control, program switching, ergonomic design, to avoid misoperation, and the operation method is suitable for all ages.

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The Austar brand was established in 2003, with 18 years of professional experience in the production and sales of hearing aids, Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America, the brand is well-known at home and abroad.

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