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Over the counter RIC rechargeable Digital hearing aids (Cadenza E62)

  • 16 Channels
  • 16 Bands
  • 12dB Noise Reduction

The Cadenza E62 is a mini over-the-counter rechargeable digital RIC hearing aid without Bluetooth. Produced by China's largest hearing aid manufacturer AUSTAR, reliable quality, is the best choice for hearing aid distributors, welcome to build trust and long-term cooperation with us.

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OTC Digital Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aids - Cadenza E62 has the following features:

Multi-Channel Precise Algorithm

Multi-channel acoustic signal processing and wide dynamic range compression enable the sound of each channel to be independently calculated, improving the compensation of hearing degree to realize accurate and comfortable listening.

High Precision Noise Reduction for Clearer Listening

Cadenza E62 can intelligently recognize speech sound and environmental noise, improving the speech signal while suppressing noise. The noise reduction is up to 12dB, and the voice recognition is greatly enhanced, so as to ensure that users can hear clearly voices in noisy environments.

Intelligent Auto Feedback Cancellation

Multiple adaptive acoustic feedback can effectively suppress howling and improve wearing comfort.

Open Fit Style, Comfortable to Wear

Open ear fitting reduces the occlusion effect making listening and wearing more comfortable with higher output.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Design , Convenient to Go

Cadenza E62 adopts a charging design, equipped with a fashionable and environmentally friendly magnetic attraction charging box, which is easy to carry. When the hearing aid is fully charged, it can be used with the charging box for an extra 3 times charge.

Meet the needs of users

OTC, Discreet, Comfortable, Dual Rechargeable, Mini, Digital, Fitting-free, Easy to wear and operate.

Hearing aids prices

AUSTAR hearing aid manufacturers sell directly, with no middlemen earning the difference. We provide distributors with market-competitive prices to maximize your profits. You get what you pay for.

Advantages of rechargeable hearing aids

  • Rechargeable hearing aids to solve the problem of frequent battery replacement. Comes with a portable hearing aid charger. The hearing aid can be charged 3 times.
  • Wireless charging hearing aids: Use the hearing aid box to charge hearing aids wirelessly during the day.
  • USB charging hearing aids: Put a pair of hearing aids in the charging case and use USB charging when you sleep at night.

Hearing aid chargers are used to charge your hearing aids when the hearing aid machine battery is depleted or not yet fully depleted, usually when you go to bed at night to charge your hearing aids for a full day of use. Continuous charging will not drain the battery or shorten battery life.

Bluetooth function:

Not supported. Cadenza E-Series rechargeable hearing aid without Bluetooth function.

Target Audience:

Who buys our hearing aids?

  • 1. Hearing impaired. Such as the seniors with mild to severe hearing loss, etc.
  • 2. Hearing clinics, hospitals and online distributors.

Choose a hearing aid instead of PSAPs, hearing aid is a sound-amplifying device intended to compensate for impaired hearing.

If you are interested in Cadenza E62 rechargeable RIC hearing aid, please contact us for the latest product brochures and quotes.

Cadenza E62 Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aids

Product Name: Cadenza E62
Battery: Rechargeable
Usage Duration (hours): 20
Hybrid Usage Duraion
with Charging Case (hours):
Channel: 16
Band: 16
Noise Reduction (dBHL): 12
Multi-channels Expansion: 16
Program: 3
Program/Volume Memory:
Program Switch Indicator:
Low Power Indicator:
Button / VC: Push Button
Fitting Range (dBHL): ≤80
OSPL90 (dB): 111.2
OSPL90_HFA (dB): 108.4
FOG50 (dB): 40.9
FOG50_HFA (dB): 36.4
Eq. Input Noise Level (dB): 23.6
Battery Current Drain (mA): 1.59
Frequency Range (Hz): 200-5000
THD (%)

How can we guarantee quality?

Pre-production samples are always pre-produced before mass production. Always conduct a final inspection before shipment. You get what you pay for! Our hearing aids have won the favor and good reviews of users with high quality and affordable prices.

We have CE, ISO13485, FDA and invention patent certificates. Welcome to visit our factory to build trust and long-term cooperation.

Should rechargeable hearing aids be charged every night?

Yes, hearing aids should be charged every night, which is the best recommendation. Occasionally forget to charge, the included charging case can charge the hearing aid 3 times.

What is the price of RIC rechargeable hearing aid?

We are a hearing aid manufacturer, you will be in direct contact with the manufacturer, which means that the price you will get is the most competitive price in the market, and the price is related to your MOQ. The best way to get the price of a RIC rechargeable hearing aid is to contact the AUSTAR team.

What is the smallest rechargeable RIC?

The OTC hearing aids of the Cadenza E6 series are the smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aids, smaller than a small finger.

How long do RIC hearing aids last?

Normal maintenance is done well, and the average life of hearing aids is about 5 years.

Are RIC hearing aids suitable for seniors?

Rechargeable RIC hearing aids are ideal for the elderly. Among the hearing aid types, the RIC type is the most popular. The rechargeable function allows the elderly who are not flexible to solve the trouble of frequently replacing the battery.

Are RIC hearing aids rechargeable?

RIC hearing aids are available in two types: battery and recharged. The current Cadenza E62 you see is a rechargeable RIC hearing aid that solves the problem of frequent battery replacement.

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