Hearing Aid

Fugue 10W RIC-P High Power Digital Programmable RIC Hearing Aids (Model Name: B903P)

  • Best behind the ear hearing aids for seniors
  • Small RIC hearing aids
  • Multi-channel and band programmable

High-power programmable RIC hearing aids that are easy to operate and best suited for seniors with hearing impairment. Factory direct sales, affordable price. If you are looking for a hearing aid manufacturer near me, AUSTAR is the way to go. Contact us for product brochures and hearing aid price lists.

  • Description

Good hearing aids provide a comfortable wearing experience: AI intelligent noise reduction, crystal clear sound, and no whistling, making them an ideal choice for elderly people with hearing loss.

Functional parameters:

High-power programmable RIC hearing aid function parameters

IA Platform Introduction:

Austar Hearing advance deep neural network (DNN) integrate with Auditory Scene Perception technology of newest intelligence speech signal processing, on the basis of hearing acoustics, phonetics, electroacoustic, signal and information processing research. Through high rate DSP, low consumption Wireless technology to comply cell phone or computer to connect with hearing aid fitting by high rate, and create a new signal processing intelligence audiology enhanced platform. With new supervised adaptive learning enhancement hearing algorithm, using classification to imitate human hearing learning process, continuous accumulation of data and self-improvement function, intelligent separation of speech and noise to achieve significantly improved listening needs in speech-discriminating and complex environments for hearing-impaired patients, and benefit more hearing-impairedpeople at a reasonable price.

Austar IA platform's hearing aids bring new hearing feeling and more comfortably feeling for you. Allow user to achieve more satisfying, clearer, and natural listening experience in a variety of environments. During fitting and debugging, the communication speed is faster and the operation is more convenient. The user is no longer limited by the programming line during the debugging process, and can walk freely within 5 meters to feel the listening effect of all parties. And the cloud service user can be debugged remotely through the network.

Hearing Aid Manufacturer:

Founded in 2003, AUSTAR is the best hearing aid manufacturer and brand in China with medical standards, with CE, ISO13485 and FDA certificates.

When purchasing hearing aids from China, the AUSTAR brand is the first choice, and you get what you pay for. Reliable!

Do business directly with AUSTAR Hearing, which has more than 20 years of experience, without middlemen to earn the difference. This means that you will get competitive hearing aid prices to increase your profit margins.

Come on, contact us to start your business. Build trust and long-term partnership with AUSTAR.

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