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5 Harms of Not Wearing Hearing Aids for Elderly with Hearing Loss


It is very common for the elderly to have poor hearing and deafness. People have become accustomed to hearing loss in the 80-year-old, and think that it is normal for people to be deaf in old age. Although the state has included hearing aids for elderly in the medical insurance coverage, some disabled institutions even distribute hearing aids for seniors for free, and OTC elderly charging hearing aids. But there are still many elderly people with hearing loss who do not wear hearing aids. The five major hazards of hearing-impaired elderly not wearing hearing aids are as follows:

5 Harms of Not Wearing Hearing Aids for Elderly with Hearing Loss

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1. Hearing is getting worse

When the elderly have hearing loss, their family members and themselves should not hold the fluke thoughts such as "can still hear" and "it's okay to speak louder", because it is difficult for people to notice when hearing loss is a little bit. Yes, without effective intervention rehabilitation training through wearing hearing aids for the elderly, hearing is likely to get worse and worse. When hearing loss becomes severe hearing loss, when you consider wearing hearing aids, the effect will be much worse than that of mild and moderate hearing loss, and there may even be a situation of "hearing but not understanding".

2. Causes psychological problems

According to scientific research, older adults with hearing impairment have poorer thinking and memory than older adults with normal hearing. Due to hearing loss, the elderly will have communication difficulties and reduced communication in life, and the sound stimulation received by the brain will also be reduced. Therefore, more energy is required to process sound, thereby sacrificing some of the energy originally used to process memory and thinking. If things go on like this, it will lead to the decline of the thinking ability and memory of the elderly, so they lose social interest, gradually isolate themselves from the outside world, and become taciturn and psychologically inferior.

3. It is easy to cause paranoia

Hearing loss is undoubtedly a barrier to dealing with people. I often feel inferior because I can’t hear what others say, and I’m always afraid that others will look down on me. The more inferior you are, the more you pay attention to the attitude of others towards you, and the more sensitive you are. As a result, a series of conjectures will arise about an inconspicuous action, which will gradually evolve into suspicion and suspicion of others, resulting in more serious psychological barriers.

4. Increase the likelihood of Alzheimer's

If the hearing-impaired elderly do not wear hearing aids for a long time, the lack of communication and communication due to inaudibility may cause the elderly to be unresponsive, decline in language ability, and reduce communication, which not only affects the quality of life, but also affects the elderly and the outside world. Communication and social compatibility make the elderly have a series of psychological problems such as isolation, indifference, depression, etc., and may even lead to Alzheimer's in severe cases.

5. Will fall easily

Hearing loss can lead to increased cognitive load on the brain, and more focus on listening to sounds may lead to a decrease in balance and gait function, which is more likely to fall. In addition, people with hearing loss are less aware of their surroundings, which also increases the risk of tripping and falling.

In summary, after the elderly suffer from hearing loss, the consequences of not wearing hearing aids are still very serious. Therefore, if the elderly at home have hearing loss, they must not let it go. To achieve "early detection, early intervention, and early wearing", with healthy hearing and cognitive vitality, can the elderly live with dignity and quality.

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