Hearing Loss

Difference Between Hearing Screening and Hearing Evaluation


The difference between hearing screening and hearing evaluation can sometimes be confusing. A hearing screening is usually a preliminary step in which an individual’s hearing is checked to see if further evaluation is required.

In other words, hearing screening is a quick and cost-effective way to separate people into two groups: a pass group and a fail group. Those who pass hearing screenings are presumed to have no hearing loss. Those who fail are in need of more detailed hearing evaluation by a qualified audiologist.

It is recommended that all hearing screening programs be conducted under the supervision of an audiologist holding the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC).

A hearing evaluation is an in-depth assessment of an individual’s hearing by an audiologist. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the nature and degree of the hearing loss and the best treatment options. Audiologists use a number of different tests in this evaluation.

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