Hearing Loss

How to prevent the damage of noise pollution to hearing?


In today's society, noise pollution can be said to be everywhere. Mobile phone, music headset, KTV, road noise, restaurant, etc. Experts pointed out that, compared with children, teenagers' auditory organs have matured and their functions are in the golden period of development, but the current popular way of life and entertainment is unknowingly damaging teenagers' hearing. Among them, the most important is the incorrect listening habits of wearing headphones to listen to music or surfing the Internet, which will not only cause hearing damage or tinnitus, It can even lead to deafness.

noise pollution to hearing

What are the wrong habits?

1.Wear headphones to listen to music.

Especially wear earphones. Although the sound effect sounds good, it causes the greatest damage to the ear. It is not only easier to damage the hearing, but also because of the breeding of bacteria after wearing for a long time, it is easy to swell the cuticle of the external auditory canal skin and block the hair follicle, resulting in long-term chronic congestion, stimulate the excessive secretion of cerumen gland, make more and more earwax, form embolism, and then tinnitus, hearing loss Dizziness and other symptoms.

2.Wear headphones for a long time.

Some teenagers often wear headphones to listen to music before going to bed, and go to sleep unconsciously. They don't turn off the headphones all night. In this way, continuous sound stimulates the human ear for a long time, which may lead to cochlear microcirculation disorder, damage to hair cells and spiral nerves responsible for feeling sound in the cochlea, and finally lead to noise deafness and tinnitus.

3.Listen to music in a noisy environment.

With the emergence of modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, MP3, iPod and iPad, more and more teenagers like to listen to music or English with headphones, especially on buses, subways and noisy roads. However, the sound level meter detection shows that the sound of noisy environment is usually about 70-80 dB. If language communication or listening to Walkman and other sounds are carried out on this occasion, the volume must be amplified to more than 30 dB above the original noisy environment sound. At this time, the clarity of the sound heard is the same as that in a quiet environment. In fact, the sound at this time has exceeded 100 dB. Relevant data show that the noise generated by MP3 players at the maximum volume is 105 dB, and 85 dB is enough to cause hearing damage. (for every 10 decibels, the noise tension increases 10 times.)

How to use headphones correctly to reduce hearing loss as much as possible?

The following suggestions:

1.Earphones with good quality, low noise and free and flexible volume control shall be selected, and they can be adjusted in time in case of excessive sound. It is best to choose hearing protection headphones, such as Austar’s P103, P102, P101.

Austar hearing protection P103

2.In a noisy environment, don’t use headphones to listen to music. The sound intensity of music should be controlled below 80 dB to feel comfortable and pleasant.

3.The listening time with headphones should not be too long. About 5% of the people are susceptible to artificial noise. Such people should pay special attention to noise protection to avoid noise hazards.

In addition to wearing headphones to listen to music, teenagers should also reduce leisure and relaxation time in bars, game halls, KTVs and other noisy entertainment places, try to choose some quiet and comfortable environments, and relax and relieve pressure in a healthier way.

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