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What should I do if there is a noisy sound when wearing a hearing aid?


Hearing aid is a medical device to assist hearing. Using the electroacoustic principle, the acoustic signal received by the microphone is amplified and transmitted into the ear through the microphone, which helps to improve the hearing needs of hearing-impaired patients and improve their ability of communication. But, hearing aids are auxiliary listening devices, which can not be compared with real ears. Differences in signal processing speed and technical functions of hearing aids will also affect users' listening clarity and comfort. And the technical level and working experience of Audiologist will provide users with different listening feelings. Therefore, users who wear hearing aids for the first time may feel "noisy", which is also caused by various reasons. What should we do about it?

Noisy sound when wearing hearing aids

First of all, hearing impaired patients can't hear or be familiar with many natural environment sounds for a long time before selecting hearing aids. They hear more and richer sounds after wearing hearing aids, and many sounds have different feelings from those before wearing hearing aids. Therefore, users will mistakenly think they are noise (feel "noisy"). In this case, it is necessary to explain and comfort the user, so that the user can keep wearing it and pass the adaptation period successfully .

Secondly, each user with different hearing loss. The hearing test results show rising type, falling type, steep falling type, flat type, notch type, basin type, etc. for different types of hearing loss, the styles, functions and acoustic structures of hearing aids are different. There will be great differences in the listening feeling, clarity and comfort. Improper selection will give users the feeling of echo, deafening and noise. Therefore, the selection of hearing aids is not only related to the degree and time of hearing loss of hearing impaired patients, but also related to the functional grade of hearing aids and professional fitting experience.

Finally, hearing aids need not only professional matching, but also fine fitting and debugging. The debugging of hearing aids will also directly affect users' listening satisfaction and comfort. Improper commissioning or insufficient accuracy will also make users feel "noisy", so the commissioning shall be carried out according to the gradually adaptive commissioning scheme. Let users adapt and learn after wearing hearing aids to achieve the best listening effect.

Wearing hearing aids takes two to three months to adapt, and some users even have an adaptation period of half a year. After all, hearing aids are instruments that can never replace human ears. It's normal to feel noisy at the beginning. As long as you follow the guidance of a professional fitting examiner and have a reasonable expectation, you will eventually achieve a good effect.

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