“Inspiring Sound U, Ultra sharp U ” Valuable Upgrade


Thanking for the unceasing trust and support from Austar new and old customers, on 8th, June,2012, Austar phases out all its analogue custom-made hearing aids, and upgrades the two series--- Inpring Sound and Ultra Sharp into fully digital hearing aids.

The newly upgraded Inspiring Sound U and Ultra Sharp U will offer you with more care and surprise:

Digital circuit  Excellent timbre

The upgraded Inspring Sound U and Ultra Sharp U adopt the digital circuit, not only adhering to the clear and loud sound of analog hearing aids, but also bringing users the advanced features of the digital hearing aids.

Personalized customization  Joyful listening

The Inspiring Sound U and Ultra Sharp U have personalized production to ensure the fit for your specific canal. Ultra Sharp U, a kind of super power hearing aid, can be adaptable to people with moderate to profound hearing loss. With its super power technology, Ultra Sharp U can not only meet the needs of invisible beauty, but also easily bring users a clear sound.

High performance-to-price ratio, Full digital hearing aids

Austar applies itself to optimize the products and perfect the product chain on and on, at the same time, it also ensures users to buy the suitable products with the most affordable price, which enable you to easily enjoy the clear sound.

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