Austar at 2017 EUHA in Nürnberg Germany


The 62th International Congress of Hearing aid acousticians end successfully on Oct.20th,2017. The show provided a good learning and communication platform for audiologist and hearing equipment manufacturer,meanwhile, it also attracts the attention of many media and audience to visit.

This year, Austar brought amazing products there as before:

On the Exhibition, the most eye-catching product is High-end digital hearing aids which is independent researched and developmented by Austar.

With advanced algorithm, Bluetooth function and wireless inter-transmission technology, our hearing aid attracted many hearing experts’ attention.

In the same time, visitors are also interested in another product from Austar, it is rechargeable hearing aid, which represent the innovation of hearing aid power supply technology.

It adopts USB charging mode,easy as recharge a mobile phone.

Rechargeablehearing aid:

In addition, our new invisible common use  IIC hearing aid also surprised the friends who present the show, the new IIC hearing aid comes with ultra high cost performance and natural, comfortable feeling of listening.

Invisible rechargeablehearing aid:

New experience for convenience

Without changing batteries, without fitting procedure

Finally, we will continue to develop and innovate more good products and looking forward to seeing you in the next year.

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