AUSTAR Hearing was well received at the 2023 China International Medical Equipment Fair CMEF (Spring)


The 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair CMEF (Spring) was held in Shanghai on May 14~17, and the AUSTAR team appeared with intelligent series hearing aids.

The exhibition was full of people, and the AUSTAR booth attracted people from all walks of life to experience the listening breakthrough brought by Austar new intelligent products.

AUSTAR hearing aids at 2023 CMEF

2023 new hearing aid products

At this CMEF, AUSTAR displayed the latest Fugue series products, RIC series products and W, H, E and other rechargeable universal OTC hearing aid products.

AUSTAR 2023 latest hearing aid products

Rich models, exquisite appearance, AUSTAR hearing aids stand out among many hearing aid products.

Live experience

The exhibition site is noisy and interferes with the audition, but AUSTAR hearing aids effectively reduce environmental noise and ensure that users can listen clearly on site through intelligent applications such as Chinese speech perception system, AI real-time scene analysis, and intelligent noise reduction.

AUSTAR hearing aids get good reviews

User praise

"Very clear", "very real", "comfortable to wear", "very invisible appearance" and so on, which are the praise of users at the exhibition site.

Build partnerships

At the exhibition site, in addition to the visitors who came to listen to and experience the exquisite appearance, many customers also welcomed them.

AUSTAR is a trusted manufacturer of hearing aids

The staff of the AUSTAR team professionally and meticulously introduced the new technologies, new concepts and latest market policies of 2023 hearing aid products.

Through on-site audition and understanding, customers are full of praise for AUSTAR, and very much recognize AUSTAR product concept, technology and quality, and think that AUSTAR hearing aid products are a trustworthy and good brand that meets market demand and user love, and can establish long-term partnerships.

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