Hearing Loss

After the old man is old, how does hearing loss do?

After the old man is old, how does hearing loss do?

In fact, the back of the ear is the common name of our common people, that is, deafness. Professionally speaking, it's hearing loss. So what should the elderly do after deafness? The elderly need timely treatment after deafness. Many of them don't pay attention to deafness after deafness. They don't think it's important. They think it's normal. They don't go to the hospital for examination or treatment if they think it's very troublesome to see a doctor for deafness. Then the consequences of doing so tend to make deafness more serious.

Old people's deafness will become more and more serious if they don't intervene in time for a long time. The longer the deafness is, the lower the speech recognition will be. That is to say, you can hear what the other person is saying, but you can't understand what the other person is saying. This can't be solved by raising the volume. In addition, it's something that many people don't know Many of the patients have the phenomenon of rejuvenation, that is, they can't hear in a low voice and dislike noise in a loud voice, so that's why some old people are obviously deaf but dislike you when you speak loudly to them.

Then if you don't go to the treatment, it will affect your language function. In fact, some old people are not only unable to hear clearly when they are old, but also can't speak clearly. In fact, this is caused by the too long time of deafness without intervention. The long-time deafness affects not only hearing, but also language function.

So the old people should go to the hospital in time to check the intervention treatment after deafness. If there is a need for treatment or the effect of treatment, it needs to be treated as soon as possible. If there is no need for treatment or no need for treatment, it is possible to improve the hearing situation by wearing hearing aids.

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