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What to do with ear itching with hearing aid

What to do with ear itching with hearing aid

Ear itch is a kind of sensation produced by slight stimulation of the skin sensory nerve of the external auditory canal. If it's a normal post stimulation response, it doesn't matter. Take the hearing aid down and put it on again at some time. The hearing loss is too serious. We must make the sealing of the ear canal machine better. However, the patient usually wears it on the ear all day long before getting used to it. If the skin of the ear canal is damaged and inflamed, the ear canal needs to rest temporarily. Do not wear the hearing aid. At the same time, apply some aureomycin eye ointment or salicylic acid alcohol on the ear canal to disinfect the bath and stop itching.

If you suffer from otitis media, the ear canal will often become inflamed. When you are inflamed, remember to remove the hearing aid, and then wear it when you are ready.

At ordinary times, we should pay attention to cleaning and drying our hearing aids, and pay attention to some cleaning problems, such as do not let the surface of the hearing aids dirty, usually clean the hands, and do not touch the ears and hearing aids with hands after picking the feet. However, ear itching may also be the main symptom of skin diseases in the external auditory canal, which may be caused by some lesions, such as earwax, mold, allergy, and dryness, among which the most common ones are mold in the external auditory canal and eczema in the external auditory canal.

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