Hearing Loss

Child language development after hearing aids fitting


Background questionnaire

(1) How old is your child?

(2) When did you find the hearing loss with your child?

(3) How long is the hearing loss with your child ?

(4) When did your child have the first hearing aids?

(5) Was the first hearing aids digital or analog?

(6) How much is the hearing aid which now wearing?

Environment questionnaire?(uncertain items)

(1) How are you feeling your child in daily life with other children?

A silence   B lively   C conversationalist   D about the same

(2) When your child talk to you ,usually:

A  you more than child   B contrary to "A"   C hate talking

(3) Your child are playing the game, usually like:

A play with other children    B play with himself

C play with familiar people   D hate playing

(4) Evaluation of the teacher for your child is most:

A clever  B gregarious  C lively  D naughty  E introverted

(5) How is the score of your child at school?

A banner   B medium  C low-grade

(6) How does your child behaved in the class?

A spoke enthusiastically   B hate handing up   C never make a speech

(7) What is your child favourite kind of the environment?

A play alone at home    B look at cartoon

C play with friend      D participate in singing

Language questionnaire (uncertain items)

(1) How about your child speech?

A speak fluently

B spoken with poor articulation as if with a thick tongue

C speaks ambiguously

(2) About what he or she said:

A everyone can understand      B only closer person can understand

C only parents can understand    D hard to understand as his or her parents

(3) Despite spoken language, how does he or she communacate with you ?

A only spoken language   B  both sign language and spoken language

C lip language           D  A,B and C

(4) Does your child like to talk to others ?

A like       B unlike

(5) Which one do your child prefer?

A sing  B dance  C play games  D declaim  E others (give examples)

(For the results, you can consult the professional speech pathologist to understand the situation of your child, including hearing loss.)

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