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Can hearing aids reduce tinnitus?


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Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom of persistent hearing of disturbing calls.

The cause of tinnitus?

At present, there is no exact evidence to prove why tinnitus occurs, and there is no completely objective examination that can directly reflect the cause of tinnitus. At present, it is speculated that tinnitus may be caused by physiological phenomena, such as acoustic neuroma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, etc; It may also be accompanied by hearing changes, such as sudden deafness (hearing loss); Other reasons may also be due to sleep, diet and so on.

Best hearing aids for tinnitus masking

The majority of tinnitus patients are associated with long-term hearing loss or sudden deafness (hearing loss). It is generally believed that hearing loss will reduce the stimulation of sound to the brain, and then cause changes in the brain's processing of sound. Tinnitus is the product of these abnormal brain discharges of sound.

How can hearing aids relieve tinnitus?

According to a survey in 2007, about 60% of tinnitus patients feel relieved when wearing hearing aids, while 22% of them feel significantly improved. When tinnitus and hearing loss coexist, most patients can feel relieved by using hearing aids.

Hearing aids can amplify sound and increase the stimulation of subtle environmental sound to the brain auditory system. Under the long-term sound stimulation, we hope to slow down the abnormal discharge of the brain to sound. And most of the hearing aids now have the function of tinnitus masking. There are different tinnitus masking sounds that can slow down tinnitus or distract attention. Of course, it won't have an immediate effect. It also needs a period of stimulation to slow down the symptoms and influence of tinnitus. Our rechargeable BTE hearing aids and rechargeable CIC hearing aids have such a tinnitus masking effect.

Hearing aids not only increase the ambient sound, but also cover the patients' perception of tinnitus, so as to reduce the physiological and psychological impact of tinnitus on patients.

In addition to the common hearing loss will be accompanied by tinnitus, there are many reasons closely related to tinnitus, when tinnitus has an impact on life, we should actively look for hearing professionals for relevant consultation, in order to eliminate the relevant risk factors and deal with it as soon as possible!

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