Hearing Loss

Why do you need binaural fitting to wear hearing aids?


For hearing loss patients, when hearing institutions are equipped with hearing aids, the fitting technician usually carries out binaural audition for users. Do you have any doubt that one ear can be heard with a hearing aid? Why should the patient wear two?

As we all know, people are born with two ears. What benefits can we get from listening with both ears? It is mainly reflected in the following points:

  • Sound source positioning
  • Binaural integration
  • Binaural squelch

Sound source localization

When we use both ears to listen to the sound from the same sound source, due to the shielding of the head and the different distance from both ears to the sound source, the sound intensity when the sound propagates to both ears is different - the intensity difference, and the time required for the sound to propagate to both ears is also different - the time difference, so we can know the direction of the sound source with our eyes closed.

Binaural integration

When two ears listen to the same sound, the loudness will increase by 6 ~ 10dB compared with that of one ear, and the performance of hearing threshold will also decrease by 3dB (e.g. 60dB for one ear and 57db for both ears)

Binaural noise

The ambient noise around us is generally more than 40 or 50 decibels, but why can't we detect it? This is because under binaural hearing, our auditory center will automatically reduce noise, which also improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SN, Sn = signal sound intensity noise intensity) to a certain extent. The higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the clearer the signal sound we receive (such as speech sound in conversation) and the clearer we listen.

Binaural fitting of hearing aids can help patients obtain the above but not limited to the above benefits, especially binaural noise reduction ability. Many users of monaural fitting report that it is difficult to communicate in a noisy environment. It is precisely because of the lack of this ability that binaural fitting can well solve this problem. In addition, sound source positioning can enable users to obtain more security in the traffic environment, while binaural integration can help some users with serious hearing loss or high loudness demand to obtain more satisfactory hearing aid effects.

Auditory deprivation

In addition, it is also very important that if both ears have hearing loss and only one ear is matched, it may lead to hearing deprivation of the non dry ear, and the auditory resolution of the ear will gradually decline after 4 ~ 5 years. If hearing deprivation occurs, it will greatly affect the hearing aid effect of the ear in the future, that is, the sound can be heard, but it is more difficult to hear clearly than before hearing deprivation. Therefore, if possible, priority should be given to simultaneous fitting of both ears. If fitting separately, the interval should not be too long.

Why do you need binaural fitting to wear hearing aids

The fitting of hearing aids is to expect the hearing loss patients to obtain the listening conditions of normal people, so binaural fitting is the first choice. However, if the hearing loss patient has financial difficulties, our rechargeable BTE hearing aids (Cadenza H series) and rechargeable ITC hearing aids (Cadenza Q series) are very affordable hearing aids.

About AUSTAR Hearing Aids

AUSTAR is a professional hearing aid manufacturer and supplier in China, as well as an OEM hearing aid manufacturer. Specializing in the production of affordable digital OTC and programmable hearing aids, and use our own fitting system software for programming hearing aids to ensure superior quality of hearing aid and make price competitive in this industry.

Hearing aid advantages:

Rich product structure

AUSTAR hearing devices cover traditional hearing centers and hospital fitting hearing aids, as well as online retail OTC hearing aids, with traditional batteries and convenient rechargeable hearing aids to choose from. Common types of hearing aids are: BTE, RIC, CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE open-fit.

Convenient operation

AUSTAR hearing aid products focus on humanized design, sound control, program switching, ergonomic design, to avoid misoperation, and the operation method is suitable for all ages.

Famous brand

The AUSTAR hearing aid brand was founded in 2003, with 18+ years of professional experience in the production and sales of hearing aids, in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America, the brand is well-known at home and abroad.

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