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My child is deaf what do i do?


Hearing impairment blocks the communication, affects harmonious interpersonal relationships, hinders normal work and life, and delays the speech development and language learning of deaf children. The three kinds of early principle of early detection, early intervention, and early recovery is the primary condition for hearing impaired children to enter the world of sound, and is the hopeful road for hearing and speech rehabilitation of deaf children.

What to do if a child is deaf

Firstly, choose the right hearing aid, the sooner the better

When the child is found to be deaf, the first reaction of the parents is that it is difficult to accept. And hope that the children will get better when they grow up, but this is only a wish. To face reality and believe in science, the sooner the child equips hearing aids, the sooner the child will enter the world of sound. If the child misses the peak period of his own hearing development, it will bring a lot of difficulties to future rehabilitation. After the child is fitted with a hearing aid, if long-time use is normal. When the child cries for wearing the hearing aid one day, mostly likely that the hearing aid is malfunctioning. In fact, children are still very reasonable. Adults should try their best to understand and communicate to prevent abnormal mental development after they grow up.

Secondly, scientific listening training is required

The child's awareness of sound: We often use various sounds behind the child to stimulate him, such as clapping, drumming, whistling, knocking on the door, etc. Only have reaction after a few screams at the beginning, until once hear the sound. Child can turn around.

A large number of language stimuli related to physical objects establish the connection between sound and object, so that children can understand the meaning of sound and are happy to express it with sound. A child's understanding is intuitive, so when you first teach a child, you must contact some things that interest him, and you must be patient, keep talking, say what you see. Because the child has hearing impairment, when he is not sensitive to sound, if the adult puts special emphasis on the mouth shape, the child will rely on his keen observation ability to see the mouth shape. When children are trained to listen, we often speak from the back and side to cultivate children's listening attention. As the child's hearing sensitivity improves, the distance between speaking and the child should be gradually increased, and the excessively high pitch should be reduced.

Thirdly, conduct scientific language training

The child has a certain small-scale communication ability, and heavy work such as correct child's pronunciation can be carried out in a normal and relaxed environment. Sentences taught by parents should be gradually complete and enriched. Starting with a single noun, pictures are hung on the wall to teach him, and the names of daily necessities, etc. Individual verbs and adjectives must be combined with relevant demonstration actions, such as facial expressions, gestures, etc., so that the effect will be good. After having a certain foundation, parents must teach sentences. If it is not easy to understand for a while, parents can let child know such behaviors are what adults like through facial expressions, gestures, etc. When an adult is just beginning to teach, he must pay attention to the tone between words, so that children can understand easily. He can quickly assemble sentence components by himself, such as "Teacher's praise", etc.

Parents cause arguments on purpose to effectively improve children's language ability. After parents have taught their children certain sentences and vocabulary, how do they know what they have mastered? Arguing on purpose is a good way, especially areas interest children. If he wants to go shopping in the store, parents prevent him from going. The purpose is to force him to express his thoughts in words and increase the chances of language training and sentence speaking. This is not the same as simple talk. This includes asking questions from adults and answering from children, further develop each other's questions and answers. At this time, his attention was very concentrated, and he could quickly learn the language he was taught. So seize the opportunity, and don't just answer it, let's start talking.

Finally, correct pronunciation and help them integrate into society

When the child is five or six years old, we will increase the intensity of correcting pronunciation. When he says an inaccurate sentence, we will combine the mouth shape, tongue position, and airflow, and repeat the demonstration several times to let him understand the sound. Maybe the child is too young to learn and understand, and the other hand, the parents always want to correct his pronunciation. Cause child's heavy psychological burden and affects the child's normal development. In addition to hearing aids that require special attention, teachers are mainly asked to observe children's performance, such as reactions to the teacher's speech, communication with other children, etc., so that parents can have a good awareness of the child's status and take action.

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