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Natural tinnitus masking of hearing aids


Tinnitus refers to the patient's conscious inner ear sound, such as cicada sound or tidal sound. Deafness refers to varying degrees of hearing loss, or even disappear. Tinnitus may be accompanied by deafness, and deafness may develop from tinnitus. Although their clinical manifestations and associated symptoms are different, there are many similarities in etiology and pathogenesis, which are closely related to kidney.

Tinnitus brings great harm to patients, and even leads to suicide. Such as affect mood, long-term serious tinnitus make people upset, worry, depression and other emotional changes. Secondly, it affects work and family life. Because they can't hear other people's speech, especially the leader's speech, they are often misunderstood by others, and they bear the great pain brought by tinnitus, so their work efficiency drops and they gradually lose interest in work. Because of tinnitus and long-term medical treatment, bring economic losses and even lead to huge economic pressure. If not understood by family members, it will affect family harmony.

Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

In addition, it also affects sleep and hearing. Tinnitus, especially in the dead of night, makes it difficult to fall asleep. Long term tinnitus can also bring hearing loss and affect communication.

How and why tinnitus maskers work

Because tinnitus is not an independent disease, the cause of tinnitus is very complex, which is still under discussion in the medical community. But at present, the method of using masking to treat tinnitus by hearing aid is widely recognized, which has a good effect on the treatment of tinnitus.

Masking Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Masking device for tinnitus, best hearing aid for tinnitus cost

Hearing aid tinnitus masking is to retrain or recode the nervous system, reduce the central excitability, increase the central inhibition, cut off the vicious circle of tinnitus and bad emotions, promote the patients to adapt to tinnitus, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. Most digital hearing aids currently on the market have a tinnitus masking function, and their price is not expensive. Austar's affordable rechargeable hearing aids also have a tinnitus masking function.

AUSTAR Fugue H - best hearing aids for tinnitus

According to different characteristics of tinnitus, Fugue H hearing aids not only use white noise, narrow band noise and other commonly used masking sounds, but also introduce pink noise and various sea waves to mask tinnitus noise, so that users can listen to more natural and more comfortable masking sound to reduce or eliminate tinnitus.

The treatment time of tinnitus

The hearing aid fitter can select the appropriate type of tinnitus masking sound according to the tinnitus type and preference of users. Users can use tinnitus masking therapy to treat tinnitus by switching programs every day, two to three times a day, half an hour each time. Different users have different tinnitus types, and the treatment time and effect of masking therapy are also different. Some users may use it for a week, and some users may need two to six months to have a certain effect.

Fugue H hearing aid gives hearing-impaired users with tinnitus the opportunity to use both of them. With its high-quality hearing aid function to solve the problem of users can not hear clearly, the use of natural tinnitus masking method can solve the problem of tinnitus.

AUSTAR is a professional hearing aid manufacturer and supplier in China, as well as an OEM hearing aid manufacturer. Specializing in the production of digital OTC and programmable hearing aids, and use our own fitting system software for programming hearing aids to ensure superior quality of hearing aid and make price competitive in this industry.

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