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5 things that make tinnitus worse


Tinnitus is characterized by a sound in the ear, why is my tinnitus worse when i lay down, tinnitus getting worse suddenly and why does tinnitus get louder sometimes, etc. These are relatively common symptoms in people with hearing loss. ​However, there is no cure for tinnitus, so other methods are needed to suppress tinnitus.

tinnitus getting worse suddenly

Here are some factors that can aggravate tinnitus and we will explain how to avoid them. What will aggravate your tinnitus?

What things aggravate tinnitus

1. Excessive noise

Even without persistent tinnitus, tinnitus may occur after noise. Depending on the noise level, tinnitus may appear immediately after hearing loud sounds such as gunshots, or it may become more prominent in the case of increased noise in the construction area.

To avoid this, you can carry earplugs with you for a rainy day and avoid loud noises.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol can increase the blood flow to the inner ear, resulting in tinnitus deterioration. If you only drink a glass of wine occasionally, it will improve in a few hours. But if you drink a lot, you may have permanent tinnitus. If you have tinnitus, please avoid drinking and choose other drinks instead, such as carbonated drinks.

3. Ear infection

The infection of the middle and outer ears is also a common cause of tinnitus, although some are mild, some may be serious and cause permanent tinnitus. If you feel that you have an ear infection, please treat it immediately to reduce the effect of tinnitus.

4. Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can also aggravate tinnitus, and even lead to temporary tinnitus in people without tinnitus. This is especially common for people who have recently discovered that they have tinnitus and feel stressed about their situation. The best way to deal with the stress during tinnitus is to have a good rest, exercise and a healthy diet.

5. Lack of sleep

Tinnitus is difficult to fall asleep, but lack of sleep can aggravate tinnitus. If you don't get enough sleep, exercise at night and avoid eating sugary foods at night. White noise is also a good way to reduce the impact of tinnitus and help you fall asleep faster. For example, if you are wearing a Austar hearing aid and have tinnitus problems, you can contact your audiologist to experience it.

Hearing aid for tinnitus masking

Although there may not be a single cure for tinnitus, researchers are actively studying the problem. Currently, wearing Austar hearing aids and a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the effects of tinnitus, such as the signs that the tinnitus is disappearing, the diet has cured my tinnitus, and my tinnitus has suddenly stopped.

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