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How to maintain hearing aids in summer?


Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips

The weather is getting warmer and summer is coming. Are you ready with your hearing aid?

In summer, the climate is hot and humid with more precipitation and high air humidity; In addition, the human body is more likely to sweat, hearing aids are also vulnerable to moisture erosion. Therefore, the most important thing for hearing aid maintenance in summer is to take moisture-proof and waterproof measures.

Guide for Summer Hearing Aid Care

1.Routine maintenance.

Wash your face, hair and bath. Don't wear it immediately after washing. Wear it after ear canal and auricle are wiped clean.

2.Sweat protection.

High temperature in summer makes people sweat a lot, which may corrode hearing aids and affect the performance and life of hearing aids. Therefore, after using the hearing aid every day, clean the sweat on the surface of the hearing aid with a dry soft cloth, and then place it in the hearing aid drying box regularly for drying.

Hearing aid drying box

3.Rainwater protection.

In summer, there is a lot of precipitation, so it is better not to wear hearing aids or do a good job of rainproof on rainy days. Return to the room and dry the hearing aid in time.

4.Cerumen protection.

Summer ear secretion will also increase, for customized ITE hearing aids, to check whether there is earwax or impurities blocking cerumen baffle. If this happens, please clean or replace the baffle with a small brush. For behind the ear hearing aids, if the sound guide tube is blocked by earwax or impurities, please clean it immediately.

Hearing Aid Care

5.Swimming protection.

Swimming is a good summer activity. Before any water sports, you should take off the hearing aid and keep it properly. For swimming without hearing aid, please always swim with others to avoid missing the relevant warning and lifeguard's voice and ensure safety. If the hearing aid has been flooded, such as swimming in the sea, you should also pay attention to the protection of sand, to avoid sand dust into the hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Care

6.Sunshine protection.

Outdoor sunscreen is very important in summer. Avoid applying to the hearing aids when applying sunscreen lotion. When using sunscreen spray, be careful not to spray on hearing aids to prevent hearing blockage or other injuries. Wipe with a dry soft cloth after daily use.

Hearing Aid Care

7.Condensate protection.

Wearing hearing aids frequently in and out of cold and hot alternating environment, hearing aids are prone to produce condensate. In summer, we often go in and out of the hot outdoor and cool air-conditioned room, so it is very easy to make the hearing aids produce condensate. If there is condensed water, take off the sound guide tube of the ear back machine, dry the water drops, and then place the hearing aid in the drying box for drying.

Summer heat, summer protection, help to delay the service life of hearing aids, improve the listening experience.

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