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What are the benefits of wearing hearing aids in the elderly?


With the increase of age, the hearing function of the elderly also begins to slowly degrade. This process varies from person to person, and the speed of the process is also different. However, we must pay attention to the need to seek medical attention immediately once hearing loss occurs. When the treatment is ineffective, hearing intervention is required immediately. The most common form of intervention is the wearing of hearing aids. Many people are confused and feel that although their hearing has deteriorated, they can still hear a little louder. Why should they wear hearing aids as soon as possible? What are the benefits of wearing hearing aids? Advantages of hearing aids:

hearing aids for elderly

1. Feel comfortable

When my hearing is not good, I can't hear what others are saying, so I frown naturally, but I'm embarrassed to ask others to say it again. If you worry about this every day, you will become bored over time and refuse to communicate. But after wearing a hearing aid, it becomes easier to listen to other people's speech, and I can communicate happily, and naturally I feel more comfortable.

2. Improve social

When you wear hearing aids, you can communicate with others more smoothly. It is no longer the previous yelling and you can't hear clearly. You will not be closed off because of communication difficulties. You can communicate with others better. Naturally, you will also socialize Getting back to the way it was before can also improve your relationship with your family. When I don't wear hearing aids, I am often tired of listening, and my family is tired of talking, and gradually there is less communication. Therefore, wearing hearing aids can improve life very well.

3. The hearing deprivation

What is hearing deprivation? Hearing deprivation simply means that both ears receive input information asymmetrically for a long time, which will lead to the degradation of the auditory pathway of the poor ear, and the speech recognition rate will decrease progressively over time. Once hearing deprivation occurs, it is difficult to restore the language discrimination rate to the previous level even if hearing aids are worn in the future. Therefore, when hearing loss occurs in both ears, both ears should be worn to prevent the occurrence of hearing deprivation.

4. Mask tinnitus

Some hearing-impaired people not only have hearing loss, but also have tinnitus that rings in their ears endlessly, especially in the dead of night. However, hearing aids can help some hearing-impaired people get rid of tinnitus, although not all people with tinnitus are suitable. Some hearing-impaired people have very prominent tinnitus because they cannot hear the outside world. Once they wear the hearing aid and hear the outside sound again, the sound of the tinnitus will be covered up by the outside sound, and their own perception of tinnitus Attention will also be reduced, at this time the hearing aids play a role in masking the tinnitus.

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