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Will hearing aids fall out of my ears easily?


When buying hearing aids, many people will worry about such a problem: "If the hearing aid is so small, will it be easy to fall out of the ear?" After all, hearing aids are not cheap. It's very bad if they fall out and are damaged or even lost.

Under normal circumstances, hearing aids are not easy to fall out after wearing in place. Air conduction hearing aids are generally divided into two types: customized intra ear hearing aids and ear back hearing aids. The shell of customized intra ear hearing aids is made after taking the model according to the specific situation of the user's ear canal. The adult ear canal is S-shaped, and the customized opportunity just fits the user's ear canal and is clamped at the bend, which has strong stability. The same stability is found in affordable in-the-ear OTC hearing aids, such as instant fit CIC hearing aids, which will not fall off without external force when the hearing aid is properly fitted.

The whole family is very happy after wearing hearing aids

If you really feel that the hearing aid is not securely worn, you can go to the fitting center in time to check whether you need to take a new hearing aid mold to make a shell. There will also be some elderly people who are not able to move easily and are more worried about falling and losing. At this time, make a circular stay wire on the customized machine and fasten the anti loss rope, so there will be no problem of falling.

The same is true for earback hearing aids. As long as they are properly worn and have good wearing habits, they are not easy to fall without external force. If you can use some small parts, such as anti loss lanyards or customized ear molds, you don't have to worry about these problems.

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